"Destiny 2" players are currently experiencing a bug that would allow them to defeat raid bosses even before a fight starts. Previously, "Destiny 1" also suffered from a glitch.

According to GameRant's latest report, the previous Crota glitch of the game's 1st version allowed players to have an unfair advantage since it enables them to host 12-man raids using matchmaking exploits. These glitches are not unusual in the popular sci-fi game "Destiny."

As of the moment, the game's developer, Bungie, didn't confirm that it is fixing the current bug.On the other hand, the game is also suffering from multiple issues

How 'Destiny 2' glitch work

The new zero-phase glitch works by throwing a Nova-Bomb at the pile rubble that Taniks starts under and dying before the Nova-Bomb hits. The bug happens when the guardian who cast the Nova-Bomb is dead when it hits the rubble, it will not start the encounter. Meanwhile, Taniks will take damage before the encounter starts.

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This is comparable to the previous bugs that allowed Guardians to damage Zulmak in the Pit of Heresy using the Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher.

The latest glitch was confirmed by a "Destiny" leaker.

"NEW TANIKS GLITCH: Apparently, you can zero phase Taniks encounter in the Deep Stone Crypt raid," as stated by @DestinyNewsCom.

"How this works: Any damage you do to Taniks after you die will not start the encounter and will count as actual DPS. Stuff like Nova Bomb. The Colony, Eyes of Tomorrow, etc will work. All you have to do is throw your Nova Bomb (top tree) and then wipe,"

12-player raid glitch

Game Radar reported that unlike the current glitch, the 12-player raid glitch allows you to add more players that exceed the game's limit. Bungie fix said it will fix the issue before the Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes arrive on Mar. 16. This means that you still have a few days left before it will be removed. It works in several activities, and it's good fun. Read on for a quick primer on how to trigger the glitch. The method behind this glitch is fairly straightforward. Simply put, you have one team queue into an activity with a separate full team on standby. You can click here for more details.

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