Nintendo Switch-Style Portable Gaming PC 'Aya Neo': Specs, Price, Features, and More
(Photo : Screenshot From ETA PRIME YouTube) Nintendo Switch-Style Portable Gaming PC 'Aya Neo': Specs, Price, Features, and More

The new Aya Neo is an actual Nintendo Switch-style portable PC that will promise a full-fledged gaming PC experience within the palms of the users' hands for just $789! This would include a 500GB model as well as a number of other pleasing surprises.

Portable PC gaming

The Aya Neo, as of the moment, is only available to back on Indiegogo and reportedly starts selling for $6,120 HKD or about $789 USD as the price for the 500GB model. This particular version of the Neo is said to be technically the second, following a more limited and also sold-out run of the previous portable PC "Founder's Edition" that Aya had been offering back in January.

The brand new broader release will promise a number of different improvements compared to the initial version. The new specs and upgrades promise a better portable PC gaming experience especially for those PC gamers on the go.

Aya Neo specs

  • Better operating system

  • Weighs quite lighter

  • Has a rumble toggle option

  • Comes with better buttons

  • Has better power consumption as well as performance presets

  • Made improvements to issues that were causing the resolution scaling problems or even the blurry screens.

According to the story by The Verge, the company had reportedly showed off a brand new optional $47 dock that would add two more USB 3.2 Gen 1 type-A ports, an SD card slot, an HDMI port, a MicroSD card slot, and also an ethernet jack. This is something quite similar to the switch itself.

The other specs for the upcoming Aya Neo remain the same throughout which is the device having a 7-inch 1280x800 IPS display, 16GB of LPDDR4x RAM, a 10-25W AMD Ryzen 4500U CPU, and is capable of running for up to 6 hours. Of course, it's important not to expect to be able to play some triple-A games at higher settings.

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What games can play on the Aya Neo?

To give an estimation, Star Wars: Squadrons was able to run at 60fps using the Founder's edition and that the portable PC actually had nearly enough to play Valheim while on the go. With everything said, the Aya Neo is currently still a crowdfunded product coming from a first time company.

While it is still certainly encouraging that the company has actually been able to ship out the initial Founder's Edition run of their Neos, like every other crowdfunded product, there still exists an element of risk even for those ones that are actually second-generation models.

For those willing to take a leap and go for it, the Aya Neo on Indiegogo will be selling for around $789 for the 500GB model and just $869 for the 1TB model . This is also reportedly 10% off of what the said products are planned to sell for after the whole crowdfunding campaign. The shipping is now planned for May.


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