Genshin Impact: 5 Characters Who are the Hardest to Get
(Photo : Screenshot From Genshin Impact YouTube) Genshin Impact: 5 Characters Who are the Hardest to Get

Genshin Impact is definitely one of the most popular games as of the moment. It's technically a gatcha game which means that players would randomly pull out weapons and characters from banners by using something called Wishes.

According to an article by SportsKeeda, the chance of being able to pull 4-Star characters are even higher than pulling the said 5-Star characters, this is even though event banners would give players a really great chance at some rarer pulls. It then listed what characters are said to be the hardest to pull is quite a difficult task. 

There are also a number of factors that go directly into the answer. However, the conventional wisdom still states that the limited-time characters are still considered to be the toughest.

The hardest characters to get in Genshin Impact


Klee is known to be a fiery little kid carrying a penchant for blowing certain things up. The character is actually locked away in solitary confinement by Jean in order to keep herself as well as everyone that was around her safe. Klee is said to be a major main DPS within Genshin Impact. Klee is a Pyro Catalyst user and the character's explosive damage is said to be killer along with AoE added for good measure.

Venti & Childe

The first ever 5-star limited-time characters to brace Genshin Impact, Childe and Venti, are reportedly getting yet another shot at the new event banners in the Genshin Impact 1.4 update. This would make them just a little easier to get compared to the other characters within the list.


Ganyu is one of the best main DPS within Genshin Impact. Ganyu then quickly rose up through the tier lists upon its release. Being one of the much newer limited-run pulls, it will reportedly be some time before the Genshin Impact players will be able to see her again.


Zhongli is a Geo Archon and works as an amazing tank due to his latest buffs. Zhongli can also quickly push out significant damage while still making sure that characters won't take damage. Zhongli, a Sub DPS, has both come and gone along with no word about when he will reportedly return.


This is another DPS powerhouse, Xiao is also considered to be the latest limited-run pull to actually have been put on the shelf for a later date. This would probably make him basically one of the hardest characters to get within Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact dating sim

According to an article by PCGamer, there is going to be a new Genshin Impact dating sim to come to players. This will reportedly be included in the newer invitation of Windblume update. This interesting addition is going to be a huge shift as to what gamers usually know about the Genshin Impact. It still remains to be seen as to how the new Genshin Impact dating sim would affect the popularity of the game amongst players.


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