With the recent acquisition of Capturing Reality, Epic Games seems to be more equipped for photogrammetry, where 2D images are utilized to produce an enhanced 3D object in the virtual world.

The creator of RealityCapture is now owned by the gaming company, which is behind massive games such as "Fortnite." It is expected that we will see the development of Epic's upcoming games in the future, so watch out for this improvement.

Epic Games is Now One Step Ahead in Game Development

According to a report by The Gamer's Sean Murray, the art behind photogrammetry might sound easy, but it is very complex in reality. The general idea of it revolves around placing the polaroids in the scanner to have a 3D model output as a product.

The mastermind behind the RealityCapture software, which is known for creating realistic assets and interactive environments for the VFX projects, was already purchased by Epic. Capturing Reality is popular in the field of photogrammetry.

Now, the North Carolina-based software developer for "Fortnite" has a huge plan to test the RealityCapture software into the Unreal Engine so crafting more realistic surroundings will be made much easier.

Furthermore, Tech Juice reported objects involved in photogrammetry can be exported as singular contents. While gaming developers have been exploring the most advanced and the most efficient way for computer-related methods, the process will only evolve, and innovations will continue to expand.

Through photogrammetry, making photorealistic assets can now be accomplished in a shorter period. The said 3D assets can be anything - from the avatars, vehicles, clothing, and even settings like mountains or rivers. The possibilities are endless.

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What the Unreal Engine GM Says About Epic's Latest Acquisition

According to Marc Petit, the general manager of Unreal Engine, the team behind Capturing Reality is teeming with superb talents who have all the knowledge in photogrammetry.

After the purchase, Petit expressed his gratitude that the big software solution is now in the Epic Games company's good hands.

However, even though the announcement about the purchase happened yesterday, the purchase was not yet revealed by the two companies. Epic Games, meanwhile, has already seen that the integration of Unreal Engine with Reality Capture could help create a powerhouse partner in in-game developments.

From there, your desired object in the game can now be rendered easily instead of sticking to the traditional creation of objects from the start. This will save tons of hours, which could be spent on other tasks - a proven efficient way to be more productive at all cost.

However, Epic Games stated that Capturing Reality's operations will still be independent of them, despite the planned integration into Unreal Engine. This will also mean that the recently purchased firm's services will encounter a decrease in the license fee.

Last week, the gaming giant also acquired Mediatonic, the creator of "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout." This could bring some new features in some of their games like "Fortnite" in a series of possible crossovers and exclusive spin-offs.

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