Mozilla proves to be one of the most popular internet browser of 2021, featuring its technology being an anticipated for an update for various of its users, and some having to wait for its version for the Apple M1 Mac. The Firefox has been upgraded with its crashes and bug fixes for the Linux OS and Windows OS, particularly with version 86.0.1.

Mozilla Firefox
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One of the top-rated internet browsers in terms of speed, function, dependability, and safety, Mozilla's technology and innovation is one of the frontliners when it comes to the best web browsers available for the PC platform. In some cases, it surpasses Google's Chrome and Microsoft's Edge browser for fast loading speeds and ability to maintain a safe browsing experience. 

The open-source web browser from the Mozilla Corporation is also a trusted one for the Ubuntu platform, Linux operating system, to run natively on its unique operating system. Being a trusted one for the developer-preferred platform of Linux is a massive thing, only signifying that the title it holds as one of the world's best is true and attested by its users. 

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Mozilla Firefox v. 86.0.1: Bug Fixes for Linux, Windows

Mozilla Firefox
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Being an open-source platform, Mozilla boasts of its services as "for the people" as it gives its software and technology for free, allowing people to experience its development and improvement without the expense. According to Nintendo Power, Mozilla has recently released the version 86.0.1 for the Linux OS and Windows, fixing the bugs and crash issues of the previous release. 

Moreover, the company addressed several issues as reported by its users, particularly its issues within the Linux operating system where most of the crashes and bugs have occured. Mozilla's Firefox is a native-ran browser for the Linux OS, being one of its earliest open-source web browser, being popular in Linux before arriving for Mac and Windows. 

Users can download the latest update and version of the Firefox via the browser's direct settings and menu bar from the side via Help > via Firefox > Update to version 86.0.1. The version also updates several bug fixes for the Windows OS version, which addresses several issues that was also observed in the Microsoft-owned platform. 

Mozilla Firefox: Apple M1 Mac Version?

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Mozilla Firefox is available for the Apple M1 Mac version, with a native-run silicon version, that incorporates greatly with the company's newly created ARM-based chip. The latest update of Firefox 86.0.1 also brings update for the Apple M1 Macs and the Intel-based ones that run on macOS 11, a.k.a. the Big Sur. The update ensures that bugs are non-existent within the system, particularly the minimal app crashes.

Mozilla has already released the native-running version of the Firefox to work on the Silicon chip, and it has released it earlier this year, with a beta stemming early 2020. This gives people the opportunity to use the browser to alternate with Apple's Safari web browser, and the company is compliant to the different requirements of Apple's new Privacy labels.

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