Timed Health: Serving to Make Lives Easier for Patients and Doctors
(Photo : Timed Health/ Conservaco)

Overall, healthcare provider Timed Health introduces new technology and a new platform solution to improve healthcare in terms of efficiency and adequacy.

By combining existing telehealth and telemedicine technologies with predictive data science, the new platform promises to deliver faster and more accurate healthcare services and medications to mitigate emerging health problems.

Timed Health: Serving to Make Lives Easier for Patients and Doctors
(Photo : Timed Health/ Conservaco)

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The Future of Healthcare

With the new Timed Health platform, patients can expect real-time delivery of physician-determined forecasted therapies, allowing those in need to safely begin the treatment they need - giving care even before costlier health complications arise. 

"Timed Health is solving the problem of people not having a rapid diagnosis of disease progression, and not having rapidly modified treatment to correspond to predictable progression pathways...by more convenient access to new widely used medicines and healthcare," said John C. Matthews, board director for Timed Health and former healthcare strategist for KPMG.

This new platform will help improve patient and physician efficiency and save up to 30% of additional costs due to delays and improve access, patient outcomes, and physician income.

Timed Health is looking to improve options for all - patient, provider, and payer - in the platform that comes in mass-market direct-to-consumer, as well as tiered employer-offered benefits that can be taken free-standing or with insurance.

In a press statement, the company has also reported how telehealth in recent years has grown with healthcare service providers like Medicare, Medicaid, and other commercial payers offering reimbursement. Data aggregator Broadband Now reported that about three in every four Americans prefer telehealth over in-person medical appointments whenever available.

"The problem of costly delays in receiving healthcare is systemic and common," explains James Applebach, Timed Health CEO. He adds that the Timed Health team has developed the new teleheath technology that would help physicians to "safely and increasingly treat low-rish changes in health" for patients whenever, wherever.

Applebach explains that these low-risk changes range from early stages of simple infection to increasing levels of hypertension, adding that patients suffering from these conditions tend to delay care or make visits to expensive and crowded facilities, then the pharmacy - experiences usually inconvenient and stressful to the patient. Excluded in these experiences, however, are high-risk health changes as determined by a physician and needing emergency care.

"Timed Health is the future of healthcare starting now," adds Jerry O' Connor, MD, and Timed Health co-chairman. Clarifying that all relevant decisions - medication and healthcare - are made only by licensed physicians for their established patients. The platform only provides the intelligence tools that allow them to perform their tasks with improved efficiency and proactivity for better economic and health outcomes.

About Timed Health

Led by James Applebach - who has prior executive experience for finance, human resource, and global logistics chains for leading brands such as Bluestem, OHL, Amazon, and more - Timed Health is based on predictive data science to provide comprehensive telehealthcare and telemedicine solutions.

Ideally, its solutions are suited for doctors and patients facing low-risk health issues, with its assistance being available for deployment as soon as the patient is discharged - helping them avoid readmissions later in life and helping save time and money.

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