The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our normal lives, especially the things that we usually do. Online games have been the common way to escape the reality of the looming global health crisis.

Now, if you feel that online games isn't as enjoyable to you as with others, you can go back anytime to the board games--but this time it's a virtual game night for you and your friends. To know how to set up this kind of bonding, here's what you should know about hosting a virtual board game.

How to Set Up a Remote Board Game Night With Friends

Discord Servers and Webcams Make the Interaction Fancy

Feeling Bored At Home During Pandemic? Here's How to Set Up a Remote Board Game Night With Friends
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Setting up an appointment online is different from the physical arrangement. But if you want to play board games with your friends online, you can start using Discord servers to discuss the rules, prizes, and other game components.

Once the rules and mechanics are in place, consider using only one camera that only focuses on the table. Now, you can visualize how an actual board game can work online.

If you are the host, you are responsible for moving the pieces for your friends. You can also consider creating a dummy account if you want to be visible in the camera since your main camera is pointed at the table.

While it's good that these game servers could create a very friendly community to establish friendships, games that require secret codes are not be possible.

You cannot do such a thing in Discord because it is a universal outlet for everyone, but you can always try other options that you might like.

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'Tabletop Simulator' Works Like Real Board Game

Feeling Bored At Home During Pandemic? Here's How to Set Up a Remote Board Game Night With Friends
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If you want to take your board game with friends to the next level, go to Steam and look for the "Tabletop Simulator." It is an application where players could use the virtual counterparts of real-life objects in the game like the table, boards, and even cards.

It's practically an online game, but it resembles board games, so it should be perfect for board game enthusiasts. You can also fling all the objects, and you can manipulate the table as well.

For players with different tastes when it comes to designs, you can freely choose from the selection of community mods for your desired board games. After finishing choosing your preferred mod from the list, load it into the game.

You can invite up to nine players. You can also use voice chats if you want to feel the atmosphere of playing with your friends. If you get bored while waiting for your turn, you can also chat with them.

Roll20 Could Be Your Best Option

Feeling Bored At Home During Pandemic? Here's How to Set Up a Remote Board Game Night With Friends
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If you seek a higher level of excitement, you could experience it in "Roll 20." You can customize almost everything in this app from groups of available tools, including characters, maps, and even dice automation.

Roll20 also has an open market where you can purchase several resources from different publishers. It also has its in-game feature, which can improve your assets. You might consider this as an investment in the long run.

To access the full feature, you can pay $100 annually for the subscription, which lets you customize your characters together with the additional in-game bonuses where you can create your own games.

Roll20 is similar to "D&D Beyond," but the main difference is the virtual tabletop that the former site provides.

You want the best site to play board games with your friends, right? It only depends on you what option you will pick and enjoy. Thanks to Wired, you have some options to choose from.

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