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'Hellboy: The Board Game' Takes Kickstarter By Storm: More Than $1M Raised In Seconds, With A Month To Go

'Hellboy: The Board Game' launched on Kickstarter and blazed through its initial goal in seconds, raising more than $1 million. Here's what to expect from the game in terms of characters, storyline, and more.

Comic Books April 28, 2018

'League Of Legends' Board Game 'Mechs vs. Minions' To Launch Next Month: Play 10 Missions As Tristana, Corki, Ziggs And Heimerdinger

Riot Games will soon launch 'Mechs vs. Minions,' which is a board game based on 'League of Legends' lore. The game features 10 missions, with players taking on the roles of Tristana, Corki, Ziggs and Heimerdinger.

Video Games September 20, 2016

Monopoly Uses Facebook Live To Make Major Product Launch Announcement

Hasbro used Facebook Live on Thursday, Aug. 11 to announce the launch of its new Ultimate Banking edition and new sweepstakes.

Geek August 11, 2016

There’s A Doom Board Game And It Lets You Play As The Demons

DOOM: The Board Game is coming soon! A redesigned gaming experience for the tabletop, the assymetrical board game lets players take control of demons and wipe out marines.

Life & Style July 29, 2016

Rally The Realm With 'Game Of Thrones' Clue, Risk and Monopoly Board Games

Think you can do better than the inhabitants of Westeros? Try your hand at 'Game of Thrones' board games to see how well you’ll fare steeped deep in the affairs of those who seek the Iron Throne.

Geek May 18, 2016

Donald Trump Thinks You'll Like His Board Game In This Ad From 1988

Remember that time Donald Trump had a board game? Yeah, neither do we.

Life & Style May 9, 2016

Dark Souls Board Game Hits $2 Million Mark, Unlocks All Stretch Goals

'Dark Souls - The Board Game' goes on to receive the love it deserves, reaching a new milestone and unlocking all the stretch goals, particularly the last two Crimson Set and Dark Set.

Video Games April 27, 2016

Dark Souls The Board Game Kickstarter Campaign Funded In 3 Minutes

The Kickstarter campaign for the 'Dark Souls - The Board Game' had a goal of raising £50,000, equivalent to about $72,000. The campaign was fully funded in three minutes, as excitement for the project is evident.

Video Games April 20, 2016

Dark Souls Board Game Kicks Off Campaign On Kickstarter This Month

Steamforged Games has partnered with Bandai Namco Entertainment to develop a ‘Dark Souls’ board game. This crowdfunding project is scheduled to kick off at Kickstarter this month.

Video Games April 11, 2016

Monopoly Gets Rid Of Paper Money For Credit Cards In Latest Edition

The classic board game is getting a makeover in Monopoly Ultimate Banking - it ditches cash for credit card payments and adds a new 'Life Events' feature.

Internet Culture February 19, 2016

Board Games For People Who Don't Play Board Games

There's a board game for everyone. The hard part's figuring that out.

Geek February 8, 2016

'This War Of Mine' Board Game Is Coming Next Year: Can You Survive The War?

Wartime survival video game 'This War of Mine' is coming to the tabletop as a board game. It can be played straight out of its box, and players are not required to be familiar with the original video game's rules.

Video Games November 27, 2015

Forgotten Board Game Pieces Found in 2,300-Year-Old Chinese Tomb

Nobody knows how to play the game, but we're pretty sure they didn't find the whole thing.

Geek November 20, 2015

Somehow, There Are Two 'Tetris' Movies Now In The Works

After the first adaptation of the popular game 'Tetris' was announced, plans for a second movie have followed — but the latter project, to be produced by 'X-Men' director Brett Ratner, is taking a decidedly different tack.

Movies/TV Shows November 20, 2015

Travel The Verse In Shiny Firefly Board Game For Only $33.48

Fly your own Firefly-class ship and experience being the captain as you take jobs to survive in the year 2517. Amazon gives you the opportunity for an awesome adventure for 33 percent less the original price.

Geek October 29, 2015

'Portal' Board Game Is The Closest You'll Get To Playing 'Portal 3' (For Now)

This 'Portal' board game, designed by some of the very same Valve staff who helped create the video games, might as well be 'Portal 3'.

Geek October 27, 2015

Exclusive: Hands-On With The Crazy Dice That Roll Themselves

Meet the world's first self-rolling dice. They're called Boogie Dice, and with a snap or a clap, they dance around entirely on their own. They're even programmable.

Geek September 29, 2015

Piper Lets Kids Learn How To Design Circuits While Playing Minecraft

Learn about engineering and circuit board design with Minecraft, Raspberry Pi and Piper.

Geek September 25, 2015

Risk: Star Wars Edition Lets You Conquer Entire Galaxies

Which side of the Force will you choose in Risk: Star Wars Edition?

Geek September 15, 2015

Fallout Monopoly Is The Latest Piece Of Wasteland Merchandise You Need

Pass go and collect 200 caps.

Geek September 3, 2015

'Monopoly: Jurassic World Edition' Review: The Classic Board Game Has A New Alpha

What happens when the board game Monopoly collides with 'Jurassic World'? A clever dino-themed edition of the game that puts a fun spin on a classic family game.

Movies/TV Shows August 27, 2015

'Back To The Future' Monopoly Coming In September, Includes Nike Mag Shoe Piece

Back to the Future Monopoly finally has a release date, but one of its tokens may steal all the headlines. It's one of the futuristic sneakers worn by Michael J. Fox in the second film.

Movies/TV Shows July 31, 2015

'Attack On Titan' Board Game Coming In 2016

'Attack on Titan' is a beloved anime and manga series. Now fans can experience all of the series' post-apocalyptic adventures in a forthcoming officially-licensed board game.

Geek July 6, 2015

Here's What The 'Monopoly' Movie Will Be About

In a world ... where 'Monopoly' is made into a movie ... Screenwriter Andrew Niccol has signed on to write the script for just such a film, and here's its first plot description.

Movies/TV Shows July 1, 2015

Monopoly 2015: Game Of Thrones, Back To The Future & More Special Editions Coming To Stores

2015 is going to be a good year for Monopoly fans. A really good year. Back to the Future, Game of Thrones, Firefly, Jurassic World, the Avengers and more are getting terrific-looking new Monopoly games.

Internet Culture March 7, 2015

The Settlers Of Catan Board Game Is Getting The Movie Treatment

The popular board game of strategy and resource management is being adapted for film and television.

Geek February 19, 2015

After 30 Years, Ghostbusters Is Finally Getting A Board Game

With a movie reboot on the way (with an all-female cast) and the original celebrating 30 years, it's a great time to be a Ghostbusters fan. Here's one more good reason: Ghostbusters - The Board Game, now on Kickstarter.

Movies/TV Shows February 10, 2015

Happy 80th Birthday, Monopoly! Here Are Our 8 Favorite Editions

Monopoly turns 80 years old today, but it's just as relevant as ever. Here are eight of our favorite Monopoly games in honor of the big day.

Internet Culture February 6, 2015

So Long, Monopoly Money — Some Sets Will Now Come With Real Money In France

Everyone loves fanning themselves with a wad of colorful Monopoly money while playing the classic board game. But what if you actually had real money to help keep yourself cool?

Movies/TV Shows February 2, 2015

'Parks And Recreation's Cones Of Dunshire Game Is Now A Real Thing

Fans of 'Parks and Recreation' rejoice! You will soon be able to play your favorite fake board game in real life, thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign.

Movies/TV Shows January 18, 2015

The Five Best Board Games to Play Right Now

It's 2015, so put away the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and that PC with Minecraft installed, for board games are interesting again. Games like Star Realms and Five Tribes are a must play.

Movies/TV Shows January 6, 2015

The psychology behind creepy toys: How the Ouija board got its scare factor

The movie 'Ouija,' based on the board game of the same name, hit theaters Oct. 24. Why are this game and other toys able to creep us out so much?

Movies/TV Shows October 27, 2014

'Cards Against Humanity' creator Kickstarting 'Slap .45'

Max Temkin, one of the makers of 'Cards Against Humanity,' has a new game. And it's all about slapping.

Geek August 19, 2014

Scrabble dictionary boasts 5,000 new words, including tech buzz terms

Scrabble players scrambling to express themselves better on the game board now have 5,000 new words with which to play, thanks to a long-awaited update to Merriam-Webster's Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. Most of these new words are already familiar to the hip, the hip-hop, the hipsters, techno geeks and social media socialites.

Arts & Culture August 5, 2014

You can now win Scrabble with words like 'selfie' and 'hashtag'

Scrabble has added "selfie," "hashtag" and 5,000 other new words to its official dictionary. This is the first update to the dictionary in nearly a decade.

Internet Culture August 5, 2014

Scrabble wants you to decide what words should become legit, OK?

"Ew, I'm taking a selfie, don't be a photobomb!" Three words from that sentence is not accepted in the game of Scrabble. However, one of them can be an official word for it as Hasbro has called for new word nominations. OK? Oh, OK isn't accepted, too.

Society March 14, 2014

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