Upcoming Apple Mixed Reality Headset Could have Advanced Eye Tracking System, Analyst Kuo States
(Photo : Screenshot From MRTV - MIXED REALITY TV YouTube) Upcoming Apple Mixed Reality Headset Could have Advanced Eye Tracking System, Analyst Kuo States

Apple's reported upcoming mixed reality headset could be equipped with a new advanced eye tracking system. This was according to the reports of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a note to investors which was picked up by MacRumors on Friday, March 19. 

Apple eye tracking system

According to the story by MacRumors, the new eye tracking system will be featuring a sort of eye tracking system with a transmitter and receiver capable of detecting and analyzing eye movement information. This will then provide its users with images and information that is based on algorithms.

The new Apple eye tracking system will even include a transmitter and receiver. The transmitting end will provide at least one or maybe even several different wavelengths of invisible light. The receiver end would also reportedly detect the changes of certain invisible light that reflects upon the eyeball and would judge the total eyeball movement based on the total change.

Head-mounted devices

Kuo also noted that a number of head-mounted devices are all operated by certain handheld controllers that won't really be able to provide a smooth user experience. He also believes that there are a number of advantages to a total eye tracking system just like the one that Apple is set to use. 

This would include an intuitive visual experience that would interact seamlessly along with the external environment as well as more intuitive operation that could be controlled simply with eye movement. It will also reduce the computational burden through reduction of resolution where the user won't be looking.

Apple headset: iris recognition feature

As of the moment, there is still no word as to whether the Apple headset will reportedly be able to support the iris recognition. According to Kuo, however, based on the hardware specifications, the said iris recognition feature should definitely be possible. If this will be implemented, Kuo also expects users to be able to use it for an even more "intuitive Apple Pay method" whenever users are using the said headsets.

This isn't the first time that rumors have surfaced regarding a new eye tracking system. According to The Information, the said headset will be featuring some sort of advanced eye tracking capabilities that will go along with over a dozen cameras for the tracking of hand movements.

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VR/AR capabilities

Kuo also noted that earlier this month, Apple noted that it will be releasing its very own mixed reality headset set in the mid-2022. The headset will then be followed by certain augmented reality glasses in the upcoming 2025. Previous rumors have also indicated that the said headset will be offering both VR and AR capabilities.

This would then show similarity to some of the other mixed reality headsets around the market. The headset will also reportedly include Sony's very own Micro-OLED display to be able to provide users with a sort of see-through AR experience as well as a new VR experience.

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