The evidence of a previously rumored feature that Twitter is expected to add to the social media platform called the "undo tweet" feature is growing stronger. However, according to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, those who want to use this feature might have to pay for it.

Twitter 'undo tweet' feature limits

The app researcher reportedly noted on Twitter that the new feature might be a premium and a subscription screen tied to the particular feature. The option for users to take back tweets has actually been shown in a particular survey that had gone around asking Twitter users regarding features they might be willing to pay for.

CNET had also received confirmation that Twitter is now, in fact, testing the feature. When the feature will become widely available is still quite unknown. However, it's quite understandable as to why Twitter might be considering reserving the said feature for its very own potential subscription service, according to Business Insider.

Twitter upcoming feature

For this particular part, Twitter still hasn't stated that the upcoming feature will only be limited to those willing to pay. It is, however, possible that it is still not that far along in the whole development for the said decision to have been officially made.

It is also reportedly worth noting that the upcoming button's design would suggest that it would work quite similarly to the whole "undo send" button that is already in play on Gmail. This is where the site waits just a few seconds before they would actually send the sender's message.

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Possible upcoming Twitter feature

In some other words, it is still not really the edit button, as seen in a certain YouTube video by Marques Brownlee, that a lot of people still really want. However, it could at least get people some of the ways towards that functionality. However, it could also minus the whole part where the viewers would know that the one posting made a mistake.

According to the story by The Verge, if Twitter really is open to certain suggestions regarding the supposed undo button, one particular thing that can be suggested is having a pop-up that can be seen if someone would blast through the particular offensive tweet warning. This would then allow the viewers and readers to get a few more seconds for them to reconsider moving forward.

Whether this would really fix the whole general atmosphere on Twitter is still pretty hard to say. As of the moment, the details are also still scarce, and users will still have to wait for Twitter to make an official announcement regarding the finalities of the upcoming feature. The undo tweet feature could be really useful to certain Twitter users that are particular with what they put out and realize every once in a while that they have made a mistake.

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