Prince Harry Starts First Job in Tech Startup as 'CIO:' How Much is His Salary?
(Photo : Screenshot From Murad Merali YouTube) Prince Harry Starts First Job in Tech Startup as 'CIO:' How Much is His Salary?

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has just recently joined a new Silicon Valley startup called BetterUp as its official Chief Impact Officer. This was what the company told CNN Business recently on Tuesday, March 23. A certain spokesperson for Harry had also confirmed what the Prince's new role would be.

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For those that are curious what type of company Prince Harry would be working at, BetterUp is a startup that provides both mental health services and coaching to their clients. The company's official website now lists Harry as already part of its leadership team. The description he was given was humanitarian, mental wellness advocate, military veteran, and also environmentalist.

According to the story from CNN, Prince Harry is expected to join the startup just a few weeks after both he and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, gave quite a bombshell interview with the popular Oprah Winfrey. The interview detailed the couple's decision to leave where they were staying in the United Kingdom and also step down from some senior roles in the official British royal family.

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The couple, living in California, also addressed the whole strain that the royal life had on their own mental health. The story was first reported by The Wall Street Journal detailing Harry's decision to join the said startup. 

Over at BetterUP, Harry is now expected to have certain input when it comes to charitable contributions, product strategy decisions, and public advocacy on certain topics that are related to mental health according to the newspaper. The newspaper also noted that BetterUp declined to give a comment when asked how much they would pay Harry.

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BetterUP CEO Alexi Robichaux noted that it was a meaty and meaningful role. The prince then expanded on his main reason to join BetterUp in a recent company blog post. He shared that he had recognized a sort of "shared passion" for helping certain people in Robichaux.'

Harry even noted that what had really caught his attention regarding BetterUp was the company's main mission to be able to unlock the potential in people all around through impact, innovation, and even integrity. Their own team has reportedly been delivering on that actual work for years.

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What does Prince Harry do for a living?

Harry reportedly also had personally benefited from the coaching that was provided by BetterUp. He noted that he had personally found that working along with a BetterUp coach to actually be invaluable. He notes the importance of what BetterUp is doing and how it actually did benefit him.

This is technically not the first job that the prince has ever since his departure from the royal family. Spotify already has an exclusive partnership with a production company that was found by both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex called Archwell Audio.

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