PS5 Restock Now Better but GPU Market is Getting Extremely Bad as Nvidia RTX 3090 Price Rises from $1,499 to $2,985
(Photo : Screenshot From Linus Tech Tips Official YouTube Channel) PS5 Restock Now Better but GPU Market is Getting Extremely Bad as Nvidia RTX 3090 Price Rises from $1,499 to $2,985

Although the possibility of gamers getting the new PS5 restock online has increased, it seems like another huge problem has emerged for everyone. As of the moment, GPUs have now become extremely expensive to purchase as their prices have skyrocketed past the ceiling.

GPU price hike

For the series of the past six months, every single CPU, GPU, and all of the desires of console gamers have been extremely difficult leaning towards impossible as gamers find it hard to purchase. Now, buying the parts or the new consoles would take an extreme amount of luck, skill, or maybe even the willingness to pay scalpers a monthly fee in order to increase the chances of buying the new GPUs.

The situation has become really brutal for everyone in the market as things have become extremely difficult for both PC gamers and console buyers. Starting off with the good news, a new analysis that was done by The Verge on Tuesday, March 23, shows that the markedup prices for the PlayStation 5 is slowly coming down.

PS5 scalpers going down?

A number of third-party vendors on eBay are now reportedly selling the console for a lower price, as of the moment. Sean Hollister now writes that over the course of a seven-day period, eBay has now moved the 5,284 PS5 consoles as well as a number of PS5s that were reportedly not sold. PS5 scalping has finally become less profitable and eBay is definitely getting flooded as things start to slow down. 

The Nvidia RTX 3090 retail price is originally at $1,499 which is already quite large in a way but due to scalpers and the scarcity of this GPU, prices as of March 2021 have reached $2,985.

According to the story by ExtremeTech, GPU manufacturers still expect Nvidia GP availability to remain quite scarce moving into Q3, 2021 and like always, the holiday demand on Q4 will also be quite rough for interested buyers.

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Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti price

While people try to remain positive when it comes to prices, the global chip shortage has just really made it harder on everyone and definitely more expensive for gamers to purchase a good GPU or a gaming console. Another article by Extreme Tech even shows the price of GPUs go up for the simple lower end GPU.

The Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti which is a pretty standard GPU has increased in price. The original retail price of the GPU should supposedly only run $140 but due to the global shortage as well as scalpers increasing the prices, the Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti price now costs $200 which is pretty steep for a pretty fair and lower end GPU as opposed to those expensive ones. While it used to be for rare higher-end GPUs to be scalped, scalpers now move towards lower-end GPUs as well.


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