Could the PS5 Restock Situation Get Worse with the Suez Canal Incident?
(Photo : Screenshot From The Flight Sim Deck YouTube) Could the PS5 Restock Situation Get Worse with the Suez Canal Incident?

The recent container ship that was stuck blocking the main Suez Canal trade route might have actually had an impact on the already scarce PS5 restock globally. The massive container ship known as the Ever Given has already been stuck for a number of days in the popular Suez Canal which is one of the main trade routes to international trade.

Reliance on Asia

While the effects of the accident have already had an impact on the whole transportation of goods both coming to and from Europe and Asia, it now looks like it has a wider effect. The recent accident could have affected the already struggling supply of the PS5 restock to the whole world.

The Suez Canal is located over in Egypt and was previously built somewhere between 1859 to 1869 as a much faster alternative trade route between both Europe and Asia instead of traveling around the bottom part of Africa. While still very beneficial to international trade, the primary route was built using the forced labor of many Egyptians and has even been the main subject of a number of battles.

Suez Canal importance

One of the Suez Canal battles was even depicted in Battlefield 1 which had racked up an estimated millions of deaths. The Business Insider reports that finished consumer electronics just like the PS5 are actually primarily distributed from a number of Asian factories where they are being manufactured by ship.

According to the story by GameRant, the Suez Canal actually hosts about 10% of all of the global trade and experts are now estimating that the major delays caused by the supposedly stuck ship could have an effect for months. Delivery delays also mean more delays on when the ship will be able to return to the port in order to pick up additional goods.

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Investigation ongoing

The shipping delay adds to the problem as the global semiconductor shortage has already crippled the production of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. This might mean that these consoles could be even more scarce in the future. Aside from just consoles, the semiconductor shortage is even affecting the Apple iPhone and Ford F-150 pickup trucks.

The 100-day investigation directly into the cause of the said shortage is still ongoing. Business Insider reports that one of the major factors for the shortage is the global overreliance in just a really small handful of different Asia-based companies that are producing semiconductors for the whole world.

While it now looks like the PS5 restock online will most certainly be constrained for some period of the foreseeable feature, the PS5 still makes its appearance online every once in a while at least once or twice a month for major online retailers. The critical final obstacle as of the moment when it comes to buying the PS5 is beating the bots and scalpers trying to buy then reselling at a marked up price. Gamers might have to wait longer in order to get a fairly priced PS5.

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