Battlefield 1 is off to an impressive start, with both fans and critics seeming to enjoy the franchise's return to historical warfare. But the game's launch last month was just the beginning. In a new blog post, DICE is detailing what all Battlefield players can expect in the months ahead, promising new maps, balance changes, new modes and more.

First up is the announcement that Hardcore servers will be arriving in Battlefield 1 soon. In Battlefield 4, Hardcore modes removed crosshairs, enabled friendly fire and reduced player HP. Fans can likely expect similar changes in Battlefield 1's hardcore mode, with DICE saying more details will be coming in the near future.

DICE also opened up about balance updates coming to their World War I shooter. The Suez Canal map will be the first to receive significant changes. Two more capture points are being added for Conquest matches on the map, and the capture area for two points within the map's village area are being reduced. Each team will also receive an armored vehicle that spawns at their respective bases. The thinking is that the armored vehicles will allow teams being dominated to make a comeback by being able to drive the armored vehicle behind enemy lines in order to capture flags.

November will see one major update to the game that will add the Rent-A-Server program and other various tweaks, such as balance changes and improvements to matchmaking.

A new custom game type called Fog of War, a variant of Team Deathmatch in which players must overcome limited sight and no mini-map or enemy names displayed, is also on the way. It will be the first official custom game type for Battlefield 1 and will be accessible from the game's main multiplayer menu.

The mode will be premiering alongside Battlefest, a weekend long celebration of Battlefield that will feature log-in rewards, new Battlepacks, community missions and more. Battlefest 2016 will begin on November 16, with DICE promising more details soon.

Last but not least, DICE says the game's first free DLC map, Giant's Shadow, is still on track for a December release. As with many of the updates mentioned in the official blog post, DICE says more details on Giant's Shadow will be coming soon.

Battlefield 1 is out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC now. You can read our full review of the game here.

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