Pokemon Go April Fool's Day Sees More Team Go Rocket grunts and the Top Mischievous Pokemon Trio
(Photo : Screenshot From RaZzi YouTube) Pokemon Go April Fool's Day Sees More Team Go Rocket grunts and the Top Mischievous Pokemon Trio

"Pokemon Go" players will be getting the mischievous "Pokemon" trio namely Aipom, Ditto, Croagunk even more frequently throughout the whole event. Oh yeah, Team Go Rocket grunts will be joining the game as well!

'Pokemon Go' April Fool's Day

The upcoming "Pokemon Go" April Fool's Day event is coming to the game on the obvious Thursday, April 1. The event is expected to run through the whole day and would feature a number of "tricky" "Pokemon" just like Croagunk and Aipom. There will also be an increased appearance of Team Go Rocket grunts.

According to an article by GameSpot, throughout the whole "Pokemon Go" April Fool's event, the trio of mischievous "Pokemon" will be found. Aipom, Ditto, Croagunk will reportedly be more available in the game. Of course, other mischievous "Pokemon" will be available as well. Purrloin and a few others will become more common in the game.

'Pokemon Go" Team Go Rocket

In addition to the total increased "Pokemon" spawns, the upcoming Team Go Rocket grunts will also appear in the classic balloons and PokeStops more often throughout the whole event. Team Go Rocket will also only have the Shadow Aipom in their teams for uniform.

A brand new set of new Team Go Rocket Timed Research will also reportedly be available this coming  Thursday, April 1. Being able to complete it will allow the player to get a number of rewards. This includes the player getting a chance to get the Super Rocket Radar which can then be used in order to battle with the ultimate Rocket leader Giovanni.

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'Pokemon Go': Spring Event

"Pokemon Go's "April Fool's Day event is expected to run starting from 12 AM up to 11:59 PM. Players can read more details regarding the "Pokemon Go" April Fool's Day event on the official "Pokemon Go" blog online.

This is going to be not the only "Pokemon Go" event that gamers can look forward to as of the moment. Niantic is also now holding an upcoming spring-themed event within the game from this upcoming April 4 up to 8.

Throughout the upcoming spring event, players will be able to catch the flower crown-wearing versions of different Pikachu and Chansey out in the wild. This will be along with a number of other spring-themed "Pokemon" for players to find out.

Shiny Bunnelby as well as Shiny Chansey will both also be appearing in the game. There will also be a few event-exclusive Research tasks as well as a number of other bonuses to come out in the game.

After that, the whole "Pokemon Go's" April Community Day will then take place this coming April 11. The expected featured "Pokemon" for the month will be Snivy and for those players that are able to evolve the "Pokemon" to its final form, they will be getting Serperior.

The timeline for evolving to the final form will be from the event or just up to two hours right after. It will also learn the new Community Day-exclusive move called the Frenzy Plant.


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