If you have a broken phone that you want to replace, you might consider going to Verizon for a trade-in. The company offered up to $1,000 credits if you want to have another phone, and this is not an April Fool's joke--since its availability is on Apr. 1, people might think this offer is a prank.

Considering that your cracked devices are not going anywhere, you might want to check other important details for this trade-in.

Verizon Broken Phone Trade-In Details That You Should Know

Verizon Now Offers Users to Trade-in their Broken Phone for up to $1,000--This is not an April Fool's Prank
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On Wednesday, Mar. 31, Verizon said that its trade-in promo will consider all customers regardless if they are new or old to the shop. Through this broken phone trade-in, users can save a lot of money for as much as $1,000 credits in exchanging their worn-out handhelds.

Trade-in programs often require the phones to be in good shape to pass the trade-in screening.

However, Verizon made sure that everyone can participate this time by signing up in the Unlimited Plan, which is also a requirement for the trade-in, Gizmodo reported. 

Moreover, savings will not be considered as cashback or saving perks to having a new smartphone. The savings will count as bill credits, which could be used for 24 months, together with the e-gift cards that the customers will receive within eight weeks after the transaction.

If you cannot open your phone, do not worry as Verizon can accept them even with the defect. Nevertheless, the value of the trade-in will also depend on the degree of the phone's condition.

For instance, if you have a broken iPhone 8 with an issue in its screen being traded-in for an iPhone 12, you can access the Unlimited plan that will give you $700 bill credits and $300 worth of e-gift card for a total of $1000 savings.

If you are a current customer, you can get a total of $440 of the new 5G flagship phone.

Verizon reminded its customers to sign up for the company's 5G plans, so they could receive a great deal for the trade-in.

There are no losing customers in this offer, as your cracked phone will transform into a more usable phone, together with big giveaways.

The iPhone 8 is only an example used by the company, but the trade-in applies to other smartphones as well.

While the trade-in did not provide the complete list of other devices and their values in the offer, Android phones could yield up to $800 trade-in credits and a $200 e-gift card, and users could also enjoy an unlimited 5G plan.

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Verizon Broken Phone Trade-In Additional Perks

Verizon Now Offers Users to Trade-in their Broken Phone for up to $1,000--This is not an April Fool's Prank
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In a report by BGR, Verizon will also throw some great rewards for those who will buy the Unlimited plans for Get More or Play More.

Those who subscribed for the package can enjoy up to one year of a special bundle from The Disney, which includes Hulu, Disney+ (with ads provided), and ESPN+. There will also be 12-month access to Discovery+, and Apple Music, as well as a free 600 GB storage.

At the moment, almost all Verizon stores are now open, but the company stated that it will still observe proper social distancing, and other safety and health protocols for the sake of its customers.

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