On Friday night, Apr. 2, Amazon released an apology about its tweet concerning warehouse drivers who have the urge to use bottles in urinating. The statement was directly addressed to Wisconsin representative Mark Pocan who criticized the company about its issue on its workers.

The argument blazed up after the tech giant fired back to Pocan. Later, it said that its workers were proud of their jobs in addition to the decent salary and healthcare perks that the company gives.

Amazon's Rare Way of Apologizing Reaches Twitter

Amazon 'Peeing in Bottles' Issue: Company Apologizes to Pocan After Controversial Tweet About Drivers Urinating in Bottles
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In an unexpected turn of events, Amazon has reportedly stated an apology to the congressman, whom they have encountered on Twitter. This was a rare scenario since the company was hell-bent in its stance over the activities of its drivers during their break.

What Pocan pointed out was how a tech firm that pays its workers $15 per hour could allow them to urinate in bottles. However, Amazon countered with a response concerning that no people would work for it if the issue was true, Geekwire reported.

Furthermore, the Seattle-based company bragged that millions of its employees were enjoying what the company provides them in the form of proper wages and health care benefits.

As a response to this, Pocan immediately commented that stood with the Amazon workers. This created a huge noise on Twitter, which caught the attention of the users on the platfrom who joined in on the discussion.

However, it seemed that Amazon did not let its guard down against the public flak, as it said that the tweet was incorrect.

The company also highlighted that Pocan's comment only tackled about Amazon's fulfillment centers, and not the whole coverage of the drivers in their delivery tasks.

Moreover, Amazon also said that the "peeing in bottles" controversy was flawed since its statement did not receive any critical observation from the public. It also suggested that the problem in finding restrooms is not only applicable to the company, as other firms are also experiencing the same issue.

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Amazon's Denial About 'Pee Bottle' Issue Led to Many Evidence

Amazon 'Peeing in Bottles' Issue: Company Apologizes to Pocan After Controversial Tweet About Drivers Urinating in Bottles
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Last week, The Verge reported that Amazon denied the allegations thrown against them to hide its undesirable treatment of its workers. The PR team of the company did not give up on its claims that what Pocan said was false.

However, there was documentation that revealed that the company's exploitative working conditions were true. This was proven by James Bloodworth, who has documented the life of the workers who only earn low salaries in Amazon.

Bloodworth's book entitled "Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain," covered the shared stories of workers from Amazon who experienced peeing in bottles. This was because the company wanted to save time in delivering its goods to the other companies.

Lauren Kaori Gurley, a writer from "Motherboard" scribbled a story which came from the Reddit forum about the experience of Amazon delivery drivers.

There were still other reporters like Ken Bensinger and Alex Press who also shared their stories that tackled peeing of drivers in the bottle to skip their short rest.

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