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On Monday, April 5, Clubhouse announced that users could pay each other through the mobile application. This business decision was made to help Clubhouse remain a top competitor against other apps. The payment feature was also added to help boost and enhance communities within the app with monetization.

What is this new payment feature

Clubhouse Allows Users To Monetize Their Content With The App
(Photo : Screenshot From @MarrNavarra From Twitter)
Clubhouse Allows Users To Monetize Their Content With The App

According to 9to5Mac, The competition against Clubhouse has increased as numerous social media sites now offer live audio streaming services. Clubhouse is now introducing "Clubhouse Payments," which will allow users to pay content creators in the future through Clubhouse.

Clubhouse has announced the launch of "Clubhouse Payments" through a blog post. The company claims the Clubhouse Payments app will enable content creators to monetize their content through Clubhouse since no monetization environment exists for the app.

Only certain Clubhouse users will be able to receive money from content creators using the new Payments feature. All Clubhouse users will send money using the Payments feature starting today using the Clubhouse app's latest version.

Clubhouse states that this will be the first of many features that will enable creators to earn money directly on Clubhouse. The company is excited to see how people use it and continue to work hard to help the Clubhouse community grow and thrive.

The company is currently accessible to all users. It does not yet offer any premium plan or method of charging for users, nor is it ad-supported. Adding ways for users to pay other users allows Clubhouse to invent more methods to get monetized.

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How to pay other members in Clubhouse

Clubhouse Allows Users To Monetize Their Content With The App
(Photo : Screenshot From @jefbn From Twitter)
Clubhouse Allows Users To Monetize Their Content With The App

Sending money to another Clubhouse user is very straightforward. These steps will show you how to send money to other users.

  • To send a payment through Clubhouse, tap on the profile of the creator you want to send money to, then click "Send Money."
  • Enter the amount you wish to send them. Your first transaction will require you to register a credit or debit card with us.
  • The creator will receive 100% of the payment; the person sending the money will also be charged a small processing fee directly to our payment processing partner, Stripe. Clubhouse takes no part in the transaction.

Clubhouse reports that all proceeds from the sale will go to the creator; however, it is unclear if this is an initial limited-time offer.

With the new Payments feature, Clubhouse attempts to remain relevant when significant players such as Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn work on their versions of a live audio chat platform.

Clubhouse will remain relevant for years to come, even as it grows in popularity and new features. The app's competitors will have an increasingly difficult time bringing it down if it continues to grow.

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