U.S. Strategic Command released some Bizzare tweets on their Twitter account. The tweets included a confusing string of letters accompanied by symbols, and the company posted them. How and why did this happen, who was behind it?

What did the U.S Strategic Command tweet?

U.S Strategic Command Strange Tweet Explained
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U.S Strategic Command Strange Tweet Explained

According to TheHill, The U.S. Strategic Command released incredibly confusing and unintelligible tweets on Sunday, March 28, Stratcom Tweet ";l;;gmlxzssaw" drew ridicule and thousands of shares on Twitter.

In a chaotic release of the message at approximately 7:48 p.m., the garbled message was retweeted over 11,000 times. It produced more than one hundred comments before being removed approximately half an hour after its release.

Following up on the problem, Stratcom, based at Offutt Air Force Base, was quick to apologize by tweeting, "Apologies for any confusion. Please disregard this tweet."

The company then removed the tweet as an apology. A strange sequence of events led to speculation that the military had accidentally released codes enabling the launch of nuclear weapons, jokes suggesting that a cat had been permitted on the keyboard, and assertions that the message was intended for extraterrestrials.

According to the tweet, in response to the message, the Canadian military expressed its sympathies, which other Twitter users echoed. They wrote: "Such things happen from time to time. At some point, they might even happen to you."

As Stratcom has been tasked with guarding against a global nuclear attack of the United States, it's also been criticized for tweeting a joke on the subject on New Year's Eve about bomb droppings.

"#TimesSquare tradition ringing in the New Year by dropping the big ball...we are prepared to drop something much, much bigger," Stratcom tweeted.

Following the message's release, the agency later issued an apology, explaining that the message was in bad taste.

Hopefully, the company will ensure that its Twitter account is safeguarded while it is being used.

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U.S Strategic Command explains what happened with the tweet

U.S Strategic Command Strange Tweet Explained
(Photo : Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash)
U.S Strategic Command Strange Tweet Explained

A HuffPost report shows how the post was spread through Twitter.

USSTRATCOM's FOIA officer reported that the agency's Twitter manager had momentarily left his computer unattended, and a child had accessed the keyboard.

On Twitter, there is more information about what happened tweeted by a user.

The response explains that the Twitter manager left the Command's Twitter account open and unattended while working remotely while his very young child was playing with it and, unfortunately, and unknowingly, posted the tweet.

Furthermore, it's worth mentioning that USSTRATCOM stressed that this tweet was not the result of a hack.

The company responded by stating that nothing wrong occurred and that no hacking occurred of our Twitter account. It further added that the post was discovered, and a telephone text was sent to delete the tweet.

This has been the only statement that the company has offered so far regarding the matter.

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