'Resident Evil RE: Verse' Beta Client Release Date: Popular PS5 Restock Tracker Notes
(Photo : Screenshot From Resident Evil YouTube) 'Resident Evil RE: Verse' Beta Client Release Date: Popular PS5 Restock Tracker Notes

"Resident Evil Re: Verse" beta client is now up for download! A popular PS5 restock tracker on Twitter noted that one of the "Resident Evil" games will be available for download this coming April 7 at 11 PM. 

'Resident Evil RE: Verse' release

Wario64 has become really popular and one of the reasons is that a Wario64 reddit thread was established to promote this Twitter account as a really reliable PS5 restock tracker. Wario64 dabbles in not just PS5 restock or Xbox Series X restock releases but also on some game and other gaming-related items related.

Wario64 even leaks Nvidia RTX 3000 series GPUs every once in a while. Just recently, the prominent PS5 leaker updated that the "Resident Evil RE: Verse" is available on three different platforms.

You can download 'Resident Evil RE: Verse' beta US PSNXBL, or Steam

'Resident Evil RE: Verse' review

Although the name "Resident Evil" might be enough to draw fans of the horror action genre to try the new game out, Twitter comments weren't too happy with the game. A few users noted that they were able to try the "Resident Evil RE: Verse" closed beta but that the game didn't really give the fans what they wanted.

One Twitter account replied to inquiries not knowing what the game was saying it is actually their attempt at a multiplayer game. The user reportedly played the alpha and the game was still super slow and super heavy. The Twitter user noted that although the game was "okay" it might not have been worth the money unless it was fully fixed.

'Resident Evil RE: Verse' release date

According to Polygon, the upcoming "Resident Evil" multiplayer game is getting yet another beta but this time, it isn't like the previous "Resident Evil RE: Verse" closed beta. The new open beta for the "Resident Evil" game will launch on April 7 and will be open until April 11.

The game is actually a spinoff of the whole "Resident Evil" series. Players will now be able to take on the role of different characters like the popular Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Claire Radfield, or Ada Wong. The goal of the game, however, is quite different as the players will have to attempt to take down some of the other players.

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'Resident Evil RE: Verse' trailer

When the players die, they will then turn into an enemy from the whole "Resident Evil" series and will give them a chance to take out the other players as well in an act of revenge. The upcoming "Resident Evil" multiplayer game spinoff was initially announced during the previous Capcom "Resident Evil" Showcase during the celebration of the series' strong anniversary.

The company also announced its plans on a second "Resident Evil" showcase event for this coming April. Capcom, however, initially did not announce an official release date.


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