Elon Musk recently confirmed that Starlink's satellite dish is currently at a much lower price for a limited time, offering almost $1,000 in discount as SpaceX has effectively reduced costs of the service. This is to entice more users to subscribe to the satellite internet service that beams the connection back to Earth.

A Starlink Mission
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Starlink has debuted one of the most promising internet connections in the country, despite being on its initial beta with 10,000 users earlier this year. While Musk had promised that the service would be released to the public soon, the company already had its initial launch that opened up the public beta testing phase for the internet connection.

Currently, Starlink is at 103 MBPS in speed, which is already 81 percent faster than most internet connection services offered by the long-time service providers that have established themselves in the U.S. market. Musk and Starlink aim for the internet speed to attain and deliver one gigabyte per second (GBPS), which is one thousand MBPS.

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Elon Musk Offers Starlink Satellite Dish at Less Than $1,000

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According to a response by the Starlink CEO via Twitter (@elonmusk), Musk confirmed that Starlink indeed lowered its price in selling the Starlink internet satellite dish, an integral part to use the service. Since Starlink has no wires or terrestrial connections like most, it needs to beam to a receiver, and that is through individual satellite dishes.


Musk's response is towards the tweet that mentioned Tesmanian's report about the price reduction for the satellite dish's manufacturing cost, which was initially priced at $3,000. Now, the Starlink dish would only cost $1,500 to make, and customers can now purchase it at $499, along with a monthly subscription for the internet service at $99 per month.

This means that Starlink and Elon Musk would be giving discounts of $1,000 for every person or household that avails of the internet service, and this money is deducted from the company's pocket in the process. The goal of this is to provide internet service for a lot of people to sign up. The company aims to have 25 million subscribers soon.

Starlink Discounted Satellite Internet Dish: How to Get One

Currently, the only way to order and avail of the company's satellite internet dish and service is via the Starlink website, and all transactions would be handled and accommodated online. The company also holds a first-come, first-served basis for all of its transactions and once the stocks run out or close, there would be no other ways to avail of the service.

Moreover, it would also depend on one's state, county, or area, on whether Starlink can already install and operate in the place, and all applications would be subjected for review to determine availability. Starlink CEO Elon Musk said that the discounts are available "for now," meaning that it could revert to $1,500 at any time, from the current $499.

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