Sooner or later, Apple's next high-tech product will finally arrive in the public. The upcoming high-end iPad Pro could hit anytime, but the company noted that it is now struggling with production issues.

If the problem persists to happen before its launch, supply shortages of Apple's new device could also occur. What does the report say about this issue?

Apple's 12.9-inch iPad Pro Faces Imminent Production Issue

Upcoming Apple iPad Pro May Come Sooner But May Face Shortage Due to Mini-LED Production Issues
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According to a report by Bloomberg on Monday, Apr.12, Apple is presently dealing with problems in its production. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is about to be released in the second half of this month, as per their previous announcements.

However, a problem in manufacturing has been found out to be the reason that could impact its supply. The people who know about the Cupertino tech giant's plans chose to be anonymous for their safety.

Moreover, the unnamed sources also revealed that at least one of the manufacturers of MiniLED would have to undergo hiatus in its production. This could directly tell where Apple's iPad Pro is currently headed.

Still, the company plans to unveil the two sizes of the iPad Pro tablets through their updates which will be carried out as early as April 2021 as stated in Apple's product road map.

Apple's iPad Pro is expected to brag its MiniLED screen, which can only serve for the said 12.9-inch model. Through this screen, users can experience improved contrast ratios as well as more vivid pictures on their devices.

Being short in supply of the MiniLED screen could mean that Apple's iPad Pro could be released later. Also, this means that the manufacturing company will also limit its production in limited quantities, as per sources.

Last March, the company was preparing for the launch of its iPad Pros which will be available in April. However, when a spokesperson from Apple was asked about the certainty of the product's debut, there was no response given.

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Short Glimpse of MiniLED Screen Manufacturers

Apple has been relying on the capabilities of two well-known suppliers of MiniLED technology: Ennostarr Inc. General Interface Solution Holding Ltd. and Taiwan Surface Mounting Corp which are both from the same country of origin, Taiwan.

For the firm's big launch of hardware products this year, the upcoming iPad Pro products will be the highlight of the release. This is also introduced at the time since the number of people who study and work from their homes is continuously growing.

Beneath the MiniLED screen, Apple also guarantees its highly advanced performance through its impressive processor which could match the M1 chips installed in the newest Macs.

It will also feature a USB-C port which promises huge compatibility with several devices. It is expected to arrive with newly-developed cameras and monitors.

When the iPad managed to yield a total of $8.4 billion during the 2020's holiday quarter, Apple recorded its highest revenue since 2014.

Apple not only sees that as the pandemic persists, but the people will also be incessantly needing useful devices which could aid in their learning and working. From time to time, the company could focus much better on giving note-worthy upgrades for its products like portable tablets.

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