'Fortnite' Server Down
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'Easy now' by @KXP23 / Raptor Fortography Winner
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"Fortnite" had begun to shut down its servers in preparation for the release of the v16.20 update, DualShockers reported on Apr. 13.

Epic Games did not specify the duration of the current downtime but had told players to expect that it will be longer than usual.

'Fortnite' v16.20 Update

"Fortnite" announced the rollout of the v16.20 update on Twitter, which had it scheduled at 2 a.m. ET, adding that the patch will be available for download "a few hours into downtime."

Epic Games tweeted that the v16.20 update will come with new wheels for players to "trick out" their ride, a special Duos Cup that will feature a new Bow, and 50-player matchmaking in Creative.


The new Bow is rumored to be the Unstable Bow that was teased on March 22, along with the Raptor eggs.

According to Express's report on Apr. 13, Epic Games originally intend on taking down its servers for a new "Fortnite" Season 6 update including fresh new content.

However, the update may simply address known issues "Fortnite" had been investigating.

Issues include reports of players who are unable to finish the Spire Quests and the "Set structures on fire" Quest wherein progress is not being tracked properly.

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'Fortnite' Announces Raptor Fortography Results

"Fortnite" announced the results of the Raptor-themed Fortography on Apr. 13, which features characters who risked their safety for that perfect shot.

The winners of recent Fortography include a photo from @Azyrus11 titled, "Fight-or-flight," an action-packed photo from @_Levia_R_MSSP titled, "Raptor wreck," and Jurassic World inspired photo from @KXP23 titled, "Easy now."

The contest is part of a series of Fortography challenges launched in Chapter 2 Season 6.

Previous Fortography challenges include themes featuring players thriving in the wild launched on Apr. 1, and the Ant-Man-themed challenge announced on Mar. 19.

'Fortnite' V-Bucks Cards Coming to Europe

"Fortnite" on Apr. 12 announced the arrival of V-Bucks cards in selected stores in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

However, V-Bucks cards will be subject to territory restrictions, meaning that cards purchased in France may not be used in Germany, and vice versa.

The retailers to carry the V-Bucks cards are as follows:

  • Game - U.K.
  • Micromania - France
  • GameStop - Germany
  • Esso - Germany
  • Deutsche Post - Germany
  • Eni/Agip - Germany
  • Jet - Germany

V-Bucks, the in-game currency in "Fortnite," can be used to purchase character outfits, wraps, emotes, and Battle Passes.

Players who bought the V-Bucks card are advised to visit www.fortnite.com/vbuckscard for redemption and to learn more about the card.

"Fortnite" also advised that the V-Bucks card is not transferrable between Epic accounts, while cards purchased for Playstation and Switch cannot be used on other devices.

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