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(Photo : Youtube/ Kanga) Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn

The star of Sony's 2017 open-world hit "Horizon Zero Dawn," will soon be dropping on "Fortnite's" battle royale island. Aloy, the famous character of "Horizon Zero Dawn," will be available in the game's item shop starting Apr. 15, with a bundle that includes cosmetics like Glinthawk glider.

Aloy in Fortnite

Given that "Horizon Zero Dawn" takes place in a world that is both sci-fi and prehistoric, Aloy should feel right at home in the current Primal season of "Fortnite."

According to EurogamerAloy is also set to join an increasingly large lineup of licensed characters in Epic's battle royale, which includes other notable gaming characters like Kratos, Master Chief, and Lara Croft.

In fact, after Aloy is available, "Fortnite" will be getting a limited time duos mode focused on the stars of "Horizon Zero Dawn" and "Tomb Raider," meaning fans of Aloy and Lara Croft would get to see the two fictional characters together for the first time.

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Sony wrote in a blog post announcing the mode that players will be the one to give the bow for Aloy and dual pistols for Lara.

Sony added that players must keep an eye out for wildlife and master their crafting skills to upgrade their weapons.

Outside of the new characters, "Fortnite" also got a notable update on Tuesday, Apr. 13m introducing off-road tires so players can drive across more of the island.

'Fortnite' update 16.20

The "Fortnite" update 16.20 is out now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Xbox, Android and PC.

In addition to a host of bug fixes and gameplay changes, the new "Fortnite" update adds a new set of tires for off-roading.

The newest tires, the Chonkers Off-Road tires, can be equipped on vehicles to make them more suited to racing around in the wild. It is a useful new addition, especially if you have ever been caught out by the storm when driving a regular car over the bumpy countryside.

The news was announced alongside a brand new trailer that was posted on Twitter. According to the trailer, the Chonkers Off-Road Tires are built for handling the toughest driving conditions and it makes getting around off-road easier in any vehicle.

The new update also fixes some of the bugs, including an issue with a couple of Battle Pass quests. "Fortnite" pdate 16.20 improves storm visibility in Performance Mode as well, and also re-introduces Slurpshrooms and Coconuts.

The general update includes fixing the Code Green Wrap that is not appearing correctly. Before the update, the Code Green Wrap is not displaying its numbers design.

The quest called Get a Headshot with a Bow is fixed, the quest Travel Distance While Swimming is also fixed and the arena playlist issues were updated, as per Dual Shockers.

Before the update, when a player's server region is set to Auto, the Arena playlist will not show in the playlist select menu. Going to the settings, players usually see 9,999ms for each server region.

The storm visibility is clear now when users play using Performance Mode. Players can now have a clear and unimpaired view while in the storm using the Performance Mode.

The issues that are still being investigated are the start with Pickaxe Creator setting still spawning with a pickaxe, vehicles not moving properly in Creative and the Cosmetics in Lobby appearing blurry on Nintendo Switch.

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