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Oftentimes, gamers get news of the new PS5 restock update only when it's finished. It is really rare for them to get predictions of when the new PS5 online stock is expected to hit retailers. It is usually rare to get information about the PS5 online stock availability before hand instead of an in-the-moment update. However, this time, a PS5 tracker gives gamers the good news.

How Can I Get PS5? 

PS5 Stock Alert is one of those PS5 restock trackers on Twitter that gives interested gamers updates regarding the availability of the PS5 stock online. Good news for gamers is that for those that missed the recent Direct PS5 Sony, there are two upcoming PS5 online restocks that gamers could be prepared for.

PS5 Best Buy and PS5 Walmart

According to the Tweet, there is going to be a Best Buy PS5 restock this coming April 16 and Walmart PS5 restock this coming April 15 at 3pm EDT. While there is no specific time allotted for the Best Buy PS5 restock, the Walmart PS5 restock gives an exact time that gamers can wait out and get ready for its release online. What time does Walmart drop PS5? Sadly, there is no information regarding the time of the drop.

Get ready:

Having the time of the launch could increase chances for players to be able to get their hands on the PS5 stock online that has been incredibly hard to get due to not just other gamers all trying to get the console but also scalpers and the global chip shortage. Scalpers have been making things harder for the average gamers buying out the PS5 available stock online and reselling it for sometimes even higher than $1,000!


Global Semiconductor Shortage PS5

As of the moment, another huge problem has been paralyzing the production efforts of Sony hindering them from being able to keep up with the demand. The global semiconductor shortage or the global chip shortage has affected most forms of technologies from phones to cars to even the PS5 itself.

The Verge tackles the whole semiconductor shortage and how it is hindering gamers to get a significant PS5 restock with enough consoles for gamers to buy and too many consoles for scalpers to buy out. As of the moment, it might be harder to buy the PlayStation 5 but the article suggests that once the global semiconductor shortage is solved, gamers might be able to buy future consoles like maybe a hypothetical PlayStation 6.

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PS5 Restock Online

The best thing that gamers can do right now is wait for April 15 and 16 in order to check out the actual availability of the PS5 restock online. Of course, getting the stock might still be extremely hard but if gamers are able to put their orders at just the right time and have all their information already good to go, this could increase their chances of getting their hands on the much in-demand PS5. Of course, the prediction is not confirmed but for players that might want to check their luck, trying to put an order come those days might be the best thing to do.

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