PS5 Restock and Xbox Series X Restock Alert: GameStop Restock Shows New Trend in Alerts
(Photo : Screenshot From Unbox Therapy Official YouTube Channel) PS5 Restock and Xbox Series X Restock Alert: GameStop Restock Shows New Trend in Alerts

Gamers have already been suffering for months now as a lot still struggle to get their hands on the next generation console. While the PS5 restock and the Xbox Series X restock are supposed to compete like they always do, it seems like things have totally changed and neither is able to supply the demand for their consoles.

PS5 Stock Alert | Xbox Series X Stock Alert

There are a few reasons that lead to the monstrous shortage in PS5 online stock and Xbox Series X online stock that gamers are experiencing as of the moment. Due to the pandemic, the gaming industry has soared high with some people picking up gaming as a way to kill time. Due to the increase in players and people trying out gaming, the demand for consoles itself also rises.

Another reason why the console is really hard to purchase is because of scalpers using bots to purchase. This, however, is actually a problem that also has its roots in the effects of the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, physical stores are not the primary platform in which consumers can purchase goods and this has caused most items to be sold online.

New Notifications Coming from Online Retailers Themselves

Most of the PS5 stock and Xbox Series X are being sold online, and this makes room for scalpers to simply grab the opportunity and use bots to get ahead of gamers who want to buy the console at a fair retail price. Due to most purchases done online, gamers have to compete with not just each other gamers but those scalpers that clear out most of the console stock and sell them for marked up prices.

Just a few hours earlier, prominent twitter accounts that are dedicated trackers of these console stocks all said one thing in common. There is a new PS5 restock GameStop and this news was shared by several leakers all at the same time. One thing, however, that really stood out, is that not only did the leakers and trackers announce the new stock, GameStop themselves did so as well!

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Online Stock Alerts

The tweets were not too far from each other and were almost released simultaneously. Previously, there wouldn't really be any announcement from online retailers that new PS5 available stock or Xbox Series X available stock would be put up for sale. Now, it seems like the retailers themselves could be announcing the PS5 stock alert or Xbox Series X stock alert!

Gamers interested in really buying the new PS5 or Xbox Series X online should really follow trackers on Twitter for free notifications or better yet, also follow the online retailers that are most likely to sell the console online. It is also important that the interested gamers should log in their details to the online retailers in order to be able to check out smoothly and faster than the rest.

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