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(Photo : Youtube/ Lynfinity Music) Animal Crossing video game soundtrack

The "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" multi-CD imported soundtrack is now available, and fans of the video game can bring the feel of the island anywhere they go.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons CD

The seven compact discs of "Animal Crossing" is filled with the video game's theme songs that are often heard throughout the game, according to Nintendo Life.

Although seven CDs seem like a lot, the video game is constantly scored, with multiple variations of music in the game for every hour of the day, multiple locations, and weather conditions, as per the Washington Post.

The music is one of the big reasons why this video game is loved. Having a song for almost every situation only furthers the game's power as it makes playing the game more enticing. That is why Nintendo dropped a live version of the theme, so fans of the game can have a mini concert of their own.

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There is not much detail about the imported limited edition "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" soundtrack. The complete package appears to come with seven CDs, custom albums to hold them, and a K.K slider-themed headphone case.

The soundtrack is available for preorder now from Amazon, and the release date is set for Apr. 16.

'Animal Crossing' events for May

According to SportsKeeda, a whole new range of events are being lined up for May in-game.

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" was a surprise entry in the list of titles that came out last year. "New Horizons" completed its one-year anniversary last month and is showing no signs of slowing down in popularity.

Nintendo offered fans of the video game several rewards as the game turned a year old, with more rewards lined up as the new updates roll out.

The events this month have already attracted a lot of players who are wondering when the next update will come. The developers have pointed out that there are a lot of surprises and events that the fans can look forward to.

The last event, Bunny Day, was an astounding success. The Prom Seasonal event will end on Apr. 30, which is the last event of the month. The Cherry Blossom season was also brought back briefly this month.

As for May, fans of the video game can look forward to May Day event. It is the only event that allows players to interact with Rover and his briefcase at the end of a maze.

While the players are unsure about what will happen to the aforementioned event, the developers might introduce it with new rewards.

However, there is no fixed day for the May Day event yet.

Last year, players got a seasonal item as a reward from Mother's Day celebration event. But this time, players may receive several seasonal items since the Prom Seasonal event also introduced a lot of seasonal items. 

The International Museum Day that took place in 2020 left wants wanting more. Even though the developers were able to deliver on the premise, "Animal Crossing" players felt that there was something lacking.

The developers tweaked certain elements of Bunny Day this year in response to the feedback that the players had shared. This reiterates the idea that The International Museum Day should be better this year than it was last year.

Other seasonal events that could be seen in the coming months are World Laughter Day, Cinco De Mayo, Children's Day, World Bee Day, World Turtle Day, and Africa Day.

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