Elon Musk teased the arrival of the Tesla FSD Beta that would come later than June, which suggests that the date would be in July, with subscriptions coming in May. However, the CEO mentioned something new about this technology, and it is the Tesla FSD Beta Button, which was a fairly new terminology used by the company to talk about its download.

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It is still the FSD Beta version 9.0 that the CEO has talked about, as it is the latest of Tesla's current beta to be released to its fortunate users that have been blessed with the self-driving technology early. Musk's revelations have confirmed several plans of the company, especially as it has delayed its release of the FSD for a long time now.

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Elon Musk Reveals Timeline for Tesla FSD Beta

The Tesla CEO was recently active on Twitter (@elonmusk), as he addresses his fans' questions and tweets directed at him, which mostly talked about the different technology offered by his subsidiary companies. The hottest talk of the town is still the Tesla FSD, as it is awaited by Tesla electric vehicle owners after being teased since 2019.

According to Musk, Tesla's FSD Beta is coming, but users would have to wait for a little more time, as it is slated to arrive in July for a wide beta release with the subscription for the service to start in May. Additionally, the wide beta release would be in the form of a "button" and seeing this would mark its arrival to the public release.

Initially, the Tesla CEO was talking about the company's AI (artificial intelligence) and Autopilot that has already been approved for its use for highway purposes. The nifty feature has been the longest release of the company which has been around for two years now, giving the very first autonomous driving capabilities of the company's EVs.

What is the Tesla FSD Beta Button?

The Tesla FSD Beta Button may be something new to hear from the company but is referring to the download button of the soon-to-release technology as it gets distributed on its wide release. The public beta has been one of the most anticipated technologies from the company, with people asking about its arrival almost every day via Twitter.

Tesla's Full-Self Driving technology would still arrive in a beta mode and not yet its full version despite its later confirmation slated for July. There are no explanations as to why it would still be a beta, but it was initially mentioned by Musk that being in the "beta" mode means that it is under development and improvements from the company.

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