Google has launched its Chrome version 90 on Apr.14. The popular browser will also advance for another step of changing its default HTTP to HTTPS together with other security improvements and developer changes along its way.

Now moving forward, this update could also be Google's way to address a lot of fixes which should be settled in the fastest possible time.

Google Chrome 90 Comes with Improved Security and Privacy

Google Chrome 90 Brings Security Improvements, Default Protocol HHTP Becomes HHTPS and Some Developer Changes
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According to a report by Engadget on Thursday, Apr. 15, the improvement when it comes to privacy and security has been implemented in Chrome's latest edition.

This is also Google's way to drive away suspicious hackers who would want to track the users' activity without the use of Google Floc technology. Besides, it covers the potential fixes for zero-day vulnerabilities.

If you are an Android or a desktop user, you could immediately see the changes that happened. But, if you are using iOS devices, expect them to arrive later.

To check if the update is available, go to the Settings -> Help -> About Google Chrome. After directing to the said location, your browser will now be updated.

Meanwhile, Chrome 90 has preferred using HTTPS connections since entering https:// has heightened security features for users' web-browsing experience. The new default will also pave the way for a more optimized performance of the browser.

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Google Chrome 90 AV1 Encoder and Tab Search

In a report by Bleeping Computer, users could now feel a better performance used in videoconferencing through WebRTC. Specifically, the following benefits are what the browser has achieved through the help of AV1 Encoder:

  • Better compression efficiency (better visual quality, less bandwidth consumption, other video encoding types)

  • Low bandwidth networks for up to 30kbps and below

  • Improvements in screen sharing efficiency when considering VP9 and other codecs.

For its Tab Search, users could now access the said feature without opening it through a flag. Moreover, the Google Tab Search feature will also let the users look through the open tabs in all browser windows if they are searching for a particular page.

For example, if you open more than 60 tabs simultaneously to seek a single specific page on the windows of your browser, it could be difficult.

Through the help of this feature, proceed to tap the down arrow located on the right side of the tab. After that, you could look for the keyword in the URL or web page title.

More importantly, Tab Search will also show you the list of open tabs which correspond to the keyword that you have written so you can easily choose the web page that you desire.

Google Chrome 90 Brings Some Developer Changes

Asides from several security improvements, here are some developer changes that we should check.

  • CSS Overflow property has a new value

  • Permissions Policy is the new name of Feature Policy API

  • You can now directly cast Shadow DOM in HTML

  • Clipboard now backs up read-only files

  • For files URLs, new restrictions are imposed to URL protocol setter

  • WebXR Depth API

  • WebXR AR Lighting Estimation

  • WebAssembly Exception Handling

For more details, visit the blog post of Chrome 90 developers.

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