Silicon Valley is a powerhouse when it comes to crafting technology to an even advanced mode. People regarded it as a haven for several startups and global technology firms such as Facebook, Google, Apple.

This time around, you can now go on-board San Francisco Bay Area through a convenient Apple Card. Upon hearing this thing, you can now say no to the physical tapping system in every kind of public transit through your smartphone and even your smartwatch.

Silicon Valley Made Transit Paying Easier Through Apple-Supported Clipper Card

Silicon Valley Clipper Card Now Supports Apple Pay, Express Mode But There's a Catch
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Silicon Valley's on-transit card will now support Apple Pay starting Thursday, Apr.15. Moreover, you can now also access its mobile app so you can manage your Clipper cards in your iPhone and Apple watch easily, Metropolitan Transportation Commission stated.

In particular, if you have any of the two Apple products, you can now enjoy riding transit systems on the 24 Bay Area through your Clipper card. This is a promising system wherein you can now pay on trains, buses, and even ferries without contacting your device.

If you want to use a Clipper card in your Apple device, you could first add it through your Apple Wallet. By this time, you can load money with the help of Apple Pay anytime you want.

Moreover, you can also transfer the amount from your Clipper card to your device. You can begin exploring this in May when its mobile app arrives in Google Pay.

Also, with the addition of Express Mode, it's now easier to pay for public transit using Clipper. Express Mode does not issue the riders to undergo screening anymore like Touch ID, Face ID, and even unlocking or opening the app.

The step is pretty easy. You only need to hold your Apple devices near the Clipper app when you are about to land on a train or a bus. This also means that you will no longer reload the card or even get a ticket from a vending machine.

"The last year has taught us the importance of contactless fare payment, and this is one more way Clipper is delivering on that promise," MTC Chair Alfredo Pedroza spoke.

Pedroza added that with the launch of Clipper on iPhone and Apple Watch, all will benefit from its convenience and safety while traveling.

At the moment, you can now download the new Clipper app on your iPhone so you can get hold of your Clipper cards easily in your Clipper account.

If you are already enrolled in the START program of Clipper, you can use the app but if you are paying through cash, there is a thing that you should know.

For this case, you might use either of the three: Golden Gate Ferry, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), or Smart Ticket Machine. Furthermore, you can also choose Caltrain ticket machines to load value in your Apple Watch or iPhone.

Reminders That You Should Know Before Using Clipper

The Verge reported that there is a catch before considering using your Clipper Card. First, you need to remember that it only works on one device, and simultaneously sharing it with other iPhones or Apple Watches will not happen.

If you want to use it on other devices, you could utilize two Clipper cards which also support other kinds of passes besides cash.

Also, your old iPhone version will not be able to run it so you need iPhone 8 or later version.In Apple Watch, you need to have Watch Series 3 or later Watch OS version. After accomplishing this, you cannot use your physical Clipper card anymore to pay for your transit.

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