Looking to upgrade, change lines, or simply declutter? Swap your games and gadgets and get more cash and credits with the GameStop Trade Days sale, starting this Apr. 16 (Friday) to May 2 (Sunday).

Whether customers trade for cash or credit with equivalent values, the Trade Days sale offers extra credits for trading games, consoles and accessories, and even other gadgets. However, cash trades might not be available in all GameStop branches.

The new Trade Days sale follows closely after the video game and electronics retail giant has concluded its GameStop Spring Sale - another "great deals" event that ran from March 28 to April 3.

The Best Time to go Trading

All games traded in - whether from Xbox One, Playstation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, and more - get 50 percent extra credits. All game ratings are accepted, from rated E for Everyone to M for Mature 17+. The Trade Days bonus for traded games is not valid toward cash trades.

Instead of simply throwing your controllers and game accessories away, trade them to the nearest GameStop branch and get 20 percent extra credit. From gaming headsets to joysticks to any other controllers - excluding Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch Controllers - for additional in-store credits.

Lastly, GameStop is accepting trade-ins for old gadgets, going up to $600 worth of credits. From iPhones, tablets, smartphones to wearable gadgets, bring your old tech and get more for its worth. Take note that cash trades are also available but at an adjusted value. Also, full value for traded techs requires that these gadgets are in full working condition. For defective items, GameStop might still consider them eligible for trade, albeit at a lesser value.

About GameStop

Headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, GameStop remains the world's largest video game retail chain - with more than 5,500 stores scattered across the United States and Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe.

GameStop recently made headlines after it saw its stock prices reach all-time highs thanks to a short squeeze created by small stock traders from the online forum Reddit, under the community r/wallstreetbets. As recent as March 2021, the company stock price saw another significant growth, this time attributed by experts to the company's executive-level reshuffles and reports of business model updates.

Aside from its global chain of retail stores, GameStop also owns the video game and tech magazine Game Informer.

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