Newly leaked images revealed Fitbit's latest wearable tracker that could be made of more premium materials and come with a more expensive price tag than the products currently in its range of devices.

Fitbit Luxe

The pictures obtained by WinFuture show what is being called the Fitbit Luxe, a stylish-looking tracker with a stainless steel casing and an OLED screen. It is not hugely dissimilar in design from the Fitbit Inspire 2.

WinFuture does not go into a whole lot of detail about what to expect from the Fitbit Luxe, but it does say the device is coming soon and may well have a few advanced features that are not available on Fitbit's other wearables.

While none of this is official yet, the information that WinFuture gets hold of is usually accurate. The Fitbit Luxe looks like it could have come straight out of the Fitbit public relations department.

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Black, white, and pink are the three colors seen in the leaked images, though fans will have to wait and see whether others will be joining them when release day comes along. It looks as though the casing options are gold, black, and silver.

According to WinFuture, the device will come with replaceable straps, and there is a traditional buckle clasp for getting the Fitbit Luxe attached to your wrist. GPS is also said to be on board, plus all the usual tracking features.

The last new product that was seen from the Google-owned company was the Fitbit Ace 3 tracker for children that launched last month. In recent years, Fitbit has been more focused on smartwatches like the Fitbit Sense than its basic trackers.

Aside from Fitbit Luxe arriving within this year, Google and Fitbit might get to launch the Pixel Watch that has been rumored for so many years, according to TechRadar.

Fitbit Ace 3 device

According to The Verge, Fitbit has released its Ace activity and sleep tracker for children who are still waiting for Fitbit Luxe but want to get one now. The Fitbit Ace 3 is designed for kids ages six and up, adds new animated clock faces, customizable accessories, and claims eight days of battery life in a swim-proof design with new color options.

In addition to improved battery life, the Ace 3 has a 20% brighter screen and does not disturb sleep modes.

The new animated clock faces, including a cat, a bunny, a Martian, and spaceship designs, change and grow as children make progress toward their fitness goals.

The Fitbit Ace was designed to help children build healthy habits and increase physical activity. It also allows parents to track a child's activity levels and how many hours they sleep.

Ace trackers do not allow children to join the social aspects of the Fitbit app, where people share workout photos. Parents have to make a Fitbit account for any child 12 and under to use Fitbit Ace models.

The Fitbit Ace 3 is priced at $79.95, and it has two Minions-themed accessory bands, available separately for $29.95. It is already available worldwide.

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