Tesla Autopilot accident resulted in the death of driverless death that has claimed the lives of two men that slammed against the tree. This incident takes place amidst the company releasing a Q1 Safety Report and the announcement of FSD beta release. The vehicle was said to be "driverless" which meant that there were no people behind the wheel, entrusting all the process to Autopilot.

Tesla Recalls Over 100,000 Model S Vehicles
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CHICAGO, IL - MARCH 30: A Tesla dealership offers cars for sale on March 30, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. Tesla has announced it is recalling 123,000 of its Model S sedans due to a problem with power steering bolts. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

One of the most advertised features of Tesla vehicles is not its speed and performance, rather its safety, which it specializes in, as one of the leading electric vehicle brands of the era. However, it would still go down to the responsibility of the driver, especially as the company recommends its technology for certain purposes or situations only.

Driver intervention is still encouraged by Tesla, especially in the country where it is still illegal to let a car drive by itself without any drivers ready to take action whenever there is a nearby accident. Recently, a Tesla EV slammed against a semi-truck, which went under the vehicle in the process, with a reckless driving case pending the injured driver.

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Tesla Autopilot Accident is Driverless

According to the report by the New York Times, a Tesla has crashed and caught on fire, killing two of its passengers (counting the driver) in the process. The initial findings have discovered that there were no drivers on the seat, meaning that the vehicle was speculated to use the "Autopilot" feature. The accident happened at around 9 PM Sunday night, at Spring, Texas, says authorities.

Tesla FSD
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"Autopilot" is not recommended by Tesla for a driverless feat or situation inside the vehicle, as it is only prescribed for use on highways, as it goes at certain speeds and also overtakes on slower ones. The only driverless function for Tesla EVs is the Full-Self Driving (FSD) which is yet to see its release date for this year.

Tesla Q1 Safety Report for Autopilot

In recent days, Tesla has released its 2021 Q1 Safety Report which has determined the standards of its electric vehicles in terms of their safety features, which has made people sought after it. In the report, Autopilot was regarded as 10 times safer than an average person driving the Tesla EV, which in turn was also 10 times better than an average car.

Tesla has upgraded and updated the Autopilot to be 10 times safer than its previous version, optimizing the functions and features of the vehicle for the convenience of the driver using it.

Tesla FSD Release Date

The Tesla FSD is nearing its release date, as revealed by Elon Musk, which was slated for June or July, featuring its public beta release after its confirmation as a subscription service for users. The FSD button is coming soon, but the main reason for holding it back was to ensure its full safety and effectiveness as it releases to the public's hands.

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