April 24 TikTok Trend has recently been viral, and all for the wrong purposes, as a group of men have engaged the platform to promot doing unspeakable things against others and wants such acts to be documented on social media. Initially, six men have promoted the "National Rape Day" on April 24, and it has gained a massive buzz on different platforms.

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In this photo illustration, the Tik Tok app is displayed on an Apple iPhone on November 01, 2019 in San Anselmo, California. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has started a national security investigation of social media app TikTok after Beijing ByteDance Technology Co acquired U.S. social media app Musical.ly for $1 billion.

Rape and sexual assault, even as a joke, is not something to be taken lightly or normalized as it promotes a culture of abuse against the opposite or same-sex. Additionally, harassment also falls on this and is not something that should be made into a holiday nor celebrated by anyone, despite having different inclinations or cultures.

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April 24 TikTok Trend: How it Started

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According to KTBS, users have seen six men on TikTok that have posted videos about inviting people to perform or engage in unspeakable acts that cause harm to another, particularly towards women. The video has generated massive reactions, shares, and likes before its original users have deleted it, causing a ton of reactions against it.

April 24 TikTok Trend: What Is It?

Twitter users have been sharing their insights via the short word social media about the recently trending move promoted via the short video platform, TikTok. There were six men on TikTok that has created an "April 24" video that promotes people to perform acts of rape and sexual assault against women, and the like, on Saturday, April 24.

A lot of people have been denouncing the act, from TikTok's platform down to Twitter, as it aims to invite people on performing a crime against humanity and fellow citizens. While no acts were particularly promoted by the group, it has contributed to a huge following on social media, engaging a lot of users to talk about it, hence the trend.

April 24 TikTok Trend: How to Report It

The negative thing around here is that when people who would engage in the act already publish their videos or experiences on TikTok, the deed has already been done. But it would still be wise to report the videos and document those who have done people wrong in public for what is supposed to go down on April 24.

Additionally, people should report the videos and hashtags regarding this as early as today, to prevent the spread and invitation towards people to perform the act and engage in the crime. Initially, it is confusing to report videos via Tiktok, as there are no buttons seen for that purpose exactly, as well as the three-dot button for a menu.

However, users may long-press the video to toggle a hidden menu where they can Download, Add to Favorites, or Report the Video. Users may include screenshots of the original video to include its hashtags and link to the user which has posted it to the social media platform.

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