#DogeDay420 is trending on social media and it is not yet even April 20, which is the actual 4/20 day that is an unofficial holiday for memers and the online community for the euphemism and message that it sends. However, there is another thing why "Doge Day" is happening, and that is the drive to raise its value to 69 cents, which also pertains to a comical figure.

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Dogecoin has been the center of attention for the past week, especially as it rose to $0.40 from its original value of 10 to 11 cents where it plays. The recent week has also been a record high for cryptocurrency, especially as it raised the value of several known blockchain digital money with Bitcoin and Ether.

However, during the start of this week, Bitcoin and Ethereum have depleted to massive loss of valuation as they suffer a massive dive in value that amounted to $10,000 for BTC and more than $400 for ETH. What is ironic in this is that Dogecoin did not lose its 400 percent growth over the weekend, and maintained its record high of 40 cents.

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#DogeDay420 for 69 Cents of Value

Dogecoin may have not yet achieved the one-dollar rate for its value, but its fans and enthusiasts are having fun with it, especially as it uses the meme to gain influence and popularity worldwide. The most recent trend for Dogecoin is the #DogeDay420, which is a fundraising goal too. up the value of the cryptocurrency to 69 cents.

  While it is not yet April 20, DogeDay has begun its trend that gave people a lot to talk about and promote via social media platforms, particularly on Twitter. Users here are showing how Dogecoin is growing in value and prominence compared to other cryptocurrencies, urging more people to join the trend and invest in digital money.

The goal of #DogeDay420 is to raise the coin's value to 69 cents and to do this, people are urged to buy stocks and avoid selling it for their value to rise and maintain throughout the unofficial holiday. The meme cryptocurrency is successfully gaining more and more investors, particularly as it shows growth on different trading platforms.

Dogecoin: Valuation Increases Because of Memes

Meme here and everywhere for Dogecoin, and even on a regular day, it has turned it into a holiday in conjunction with the 4/20 meme. Additionally, the cryptocurrency has also taken to account the use of the number "69" which is a meme about a lewd and inappropriate act. However, despite all of this effort for it to reach 69 cents, its community and fans are showing solidarity for its rise.

The commitment of people is overwhelming, as the cryptocurrency still has a lot to go through before reaching $0.69 and maintaining it for tomorrow, which would be hard as the stocks update in real-time.


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