Xbox Series X GameStop Restock Allegedly Coming This Week: Is Xbox All Access Worth It?
(Photo : Screenshot From Xbox Series X GameStop Restock Allegedly Coming This Week: Is Xbox All Access Worth It?

Rumor has it that there is another upcoming Xbox Series X restock arriving sometime soon. While this rumor, like all rumors about the upcoming Xbox Series X restock should be taken with a grain of salt, it's refreshing to hear Xbox Series X available stock even before they come. 

Xbox Series X Restock Twitter

One big problem that a lot of gamers face when buying the Xbox Series X stock online is that they only know about the available stock when it's too late or when they are busy with other things. Knowing in advance when new Xbox Series online stock is going to arrive will give buyers a fighting chance to prepare for when the stock actually arrives.

While some gamers manually check websites once in a while, one more effective method they use is to follow Xbox Series X trackers on Twitter. An Xbox Series X tracker is an account online that provides updates on when new Xbox Series X stock becomes available online.

Xbox Series X Restock April 2021

Although it is very rare for trackers to give news of new Xbox Series X restock online ahead of time, one particular tracker announced an upcoming GameStop Xbox Series X that is expected to happen. According to the tracker, there will be a new Xbox Series X GameStop scheduled on April 21 at 7AM PT / 9AM CT.

The upcoming Xbox Series X restock is expected to come with the Xbox All Access which sort of affected a few people on the Twitter thread. While the good news is that there will be an Xbox Series X restock, the bad news is that buyers will have to spend extra for the Xbox All Access whether they like it or not.

New Xbox Series X GameStop Restock

A comment by BlueBoiArt talked about the Xbox All Access and how it's expensive. The comment noted that people would actually pay less if they bought directly from scalpers than buying with the Xbox Series X with Xbox All Access. It was mentioned that the Xbox All Access will be charging 40 bucks for a span of 24 months.

This news might be disappointing to gamers that are contemplating the new Xbox Series X restock coming this Wednesday. For those gamers that have no problem with the Xbox All Access, however, it could be a perfect opportunity to buy the next-generation console.

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Microsot Xbox All Access

For those, however, who want to play only specific games, don't mind buying them, and see no need for an Xbox All Access, buying this round of Xbox Series X might not be a good idea. It is still unknown as of the moment if there will be new GameStop Xbox Series X stock coming soon.

For those really desperate for the new Xbox Series X restock, however, might be a good time to watch out on Wednesday. This is still a rumor, however, so it is very important not to fully expect.

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