Instagram Anti-Abusive DM Tool Helps Protect Users from Harassing and Harmful Messages
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Instagram Anti-Abusive DM Tool Helps Protect Users from Harassing and Harmful Messages

Instagram has just announced a brand new tool that will allow its users to automatically filter out any direct message requests that either contain certain offensive words, offensive phrases, or even offensive emojis.

This particular tool is directly targeted at celebrities and even public figures who oftentimes receive a huge number of unwanted and particularly harmful DMs.

Instagram New Anti-Abusive DM

The new update would build on Instagram's work to directly combat hate speech within its platform.

Last February, the company officially stated that it will be disabling the accounts of those users caught sending multiple harassing messages one after another. Back in 2018, the company also expanded its whole offensive comments filter in order to automatically block comments directly attacking a person's appearance or character.

According to the story by The Verge, the message requests filter can be easily toggled on or off in a brand new section of the app that would be called "hidden words."

When the filter is turned on, the offensive messages will then be pushed to another folder. The DMs that will land in this folder will be concealed and will allow users to browse messages even without needing to read what they actually say. If a user would tap on a message, they can then read it, delete it, or even report it.

Instagram with the Help of Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Bullying Organizations

The company also noted that it worked along with "leading anti-discrimination" as well as "anti-bullying organizations" in order to come up with a large preset list of different offensive phrases.

Users will also be able to customize their own list based on what particular words or phrases they do not want to see.

Instagram has also noted that this new feature is expected to roll out in a number of different countries over the course of the coming weeks. However, the social media platform did not specify which particular countries would be involved.

The company also plans to extend its reach to more countries in the course of the next few months.

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Instagram Blocks Harassers

As part of the official announcement, Instagram also noted that it will be rolling out a tool to help people preemptively block different new accounts from certain harassers.

As of now, when a particular user would block someone in the app, they will then have the option of blocking any other new accounts that would be created by that same person.

The company also declined to specify how long they will be blocked, noting that it will be using a number of different signals in order to detect newer accounts from the same account holder. This feature is expected to be launching across the globe in the coming weeks.

This new addition by Instagram aims to protect its users from harassment and other harmful messages.

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