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Instagram is currently testing a new feature that would allow their users to vertically scroll through Instagram Stories, instead of tapping or swiping horizontally like that current design. This could be a controversial change as the vertical feed is similar to TikTok.

Instagram's TikTok-style feed

According to TechCrunch, Alessandro Paluzzi first shared Instagram's plan on his Twitter account. In the screenshot that he shared, the text in the Instagram app is teasing "Vertical Stories" as its new feature.

Instagram describes the new feed as a feature wherein users ca now swipe up and down to browse Instagram Stories.

Instagram confirmed in an interview with TechCrunch that the TikTok-style feature is something that is currently in development, but it is still a prototype and they have not finalized it yet. Instagram added that the prototype is not currently testing on Instagram and they are observing where it goes.

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Since it is still a prototype, there is no guarantee that it will launch to the public anytime soon. If the response in their test market is great, then it is possible that there will be changes seen in the social media app.

If the vertical, TikTok-style interface does get approve, it could make Instagram Stories more focused on the videos than on the static contents. On February 3, a report indicated that Instagram might soon stop users from sharing images from their feed to Instagram stories.

This type of change could be controversial if it gets approved. While swiping vertically through Instagram Stories does make it a bit similar to TikTok, it is a major change for numerous users who are more comfortable with the app's current feature.

Instagram 2021 updates

Instagram started 2021 by launching a Professional Dashboard, which is available to all Business and Creator Accounts on Instagram.

This is one of the app's ongoing efforts to give creators and businesses the tools that they need, encourage the creators and businesses to turn their passions into a source of income and to support small businesses, according to Embed Social.

Professional Dashboard can help users discover insights and trends based on the performance of your Instagram account. The feature gives you access to new tools that can help you run and build your business better, check your monetization status and eligibility.

Professional Dashboard gives you the educational resources like tricks, tips, guidance, inspiration to help you make the most of Instagram. Users expect more resources to be added to this Professional Dashboard in the future, so it will be easier for professionals to discover and access the tools best-suited for them.

In 2020, Instagram made shopping available in every format on the app, the Stories, Feed, IGTV and Live. The feature was tested for several months, and on December 2020, shopping becomes available on Instagram Reels as well.

Businesses and creators can tag their products when they create Instagram Reels. When the users view an Instagram Reel with this content, they can tap "View Products" button to purchase, save or learn more about the featured products.

Also, to make things transparent, creators can add a "Branded Content" tag to their Instagram Reels to show that they are paid to promote the products.

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