Those who have multiple Instagram accounts know that it can often be a pain to switch between various profiles back and forth.

Fortunately, the Facebook-owned company is apparently testing a new feature to make this process a lot easier.

As TechCrunch reports, care of a tip from social media researcher Ishan Agarwal, Instagram has prototyped a new feature called "Main Account" that would let users set on of their profiles as the primary account and then link their others accounts to it.

How A 'Main Account' Feature On Instagram Would Work

Logging into Instagram using this main account would log users to their other accounts automatically, as well. That means users would only have to remember one username and password combination instead of taking note of every single one for the other profiles. This simpler login process is a simple adjustment, but it's a significant move because if people could switch accounts more easily, they would be more likely to post more and engage with their community faster.

When Will It Be Released?

Instagram has yet to confirm whether or not it's indeed currently working on the feature in question. When pressed, Instagram declined to comment on TechCrunch's report, which is typical for companies that prototype features only accessible to employees.

Even if Instagram is indeed working on this so-called Main Account feature, there's no guarantee of it ever being rolled out. After all, a number of features in the development stage eventually get tossed out for various reasons. It's entirely possible Main Account suffers the same fate — and that's assuming if it's actually in development in the first place.

That said, it's worth noting that many features first spotted as prototypes ended up being rolled out in the end, including video calling, nametags, and more recently, soundtracks.

What are the chances of Main Account being rolled out? Well, it's important to note that Instagram has been toying around with features centered around identity and profiles. Close Friends, for instance, lets users share content to only a select few. It also added a way to regram posts to multiple accounts controlled by a single user.

Allowing users to establish a main account makes sense — not only will it make account management a much easier and streamlined process, it's also a step toward a more efficient and singular login platform.

Any thoughts on this rumored Main Account feature? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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