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One of United States(US) Technology giants Dell is looking into expanding its hybrid cloud services in Thailand to capitalize on the country's growing cloud computing market, which is anticipated to garner at least 15 billion baht in value by 2024.

Digital Transformation Accelerated by Five Years

Dell Technologies Thailand Director Noppadol Punyatipat said that the Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, as other accounts also share this notion. He then added that business plan adoptions in five years were consequently boosted as well, claiming that everything that is expected to happen in 2030 will occur in 2025.

"The pandemic accelerated digital transformation and business plan adoptions by five years. Anything projected to happen in 2030 will occur in 2025," Punyatipat says.

What is 'Hybrid Cloud Services'?

A hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment that uses a mix of on-premises, private cloud and third-party, public cloud services with these platforms working side by side. This usually involves a connection from an on-premises data center to a public cloud.

To sum it up, a hybrid cloud service is a type of cloud computing that combines on-premises infrastructure, or a private cloud, with a public cloud.

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Hybrid Cloud Services to Support Thai Remote Work Set-up

Punyatipat said that this year, large organisations are projected to treat IT development as a priority to enhance data systems, automation, agility and resilience as well as create new opportunities.

Companies and organizations would also give employees' options to either work from home or have an office set-up, under what is called a hybrid workforce.

Employees' Optional Working Arrangement:

  • Closing hotels

  • Alternative jab locations

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Cloud Computing set for More 'Growth'

Cloud computing is a growing segment as it supports firms' agility and resilience in business management and operations, said the Dell Technologies Thailand director. 

According to a recent study conducted by global research firm IDC, Thailand's cloud computing market is expected to be valued at 15 billion baht in the near future, specifically in 2024.

A PWC survey shows 50% of Thai organisations adopted cloud-based services, particularly hybrid cloud models that can support a remote work environment.

Punyatipat believes that Multi-cloud IT strategies backed by hybrid cloud architectures will play an important role in ensuring organisations have better data management and visibility across cloud environments as it also ensures the security and privacy of their data. 

"Multi-cloud IT strategies supported by hybrid cloud architectures will play a key role in ensuring organisations have better data management and visibility across cloud environments, while also ensuring that their data remains accessible and secure," Punyatipat says.

In order to capitalise on the demand for hybrid cloud in Thailand and ascend with the rise of on-demand economy, the firm recently signed cooperation pacts with six local cloud service providers: AIS, Cloud HM, NTT, PROEN Corp, SiS Distribution and Tangerine.

Punyatipat, citing a Forrester survey, claimed that  Dell Technologies cloud services users in over three years could see an incremental return on investment of 170% and recoup their costs within six months. An IDC survey similarly, also shows 93% of enterprises are aiming to deploy workload across two or more clouds.

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