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YouTube users can now change their channel name easily, and there is no need to make any sort of alterations to their linked Google account.

The old method of having to change your channel name together with your Google account name and profile image is finally discontinued. The old method not only changes your YouTube profile, but it also affects your Gmail identity.

Changing YouTube Channel Name

According to The Verge, users can now head to the YouTube Creator Studio backend management area and make changes to their channel name without ever needing to touch their Gmail or Google account. You can also swap out your profile picture as well, which will mean that you can update your channel branding with ease

The old process was frustrating for users, so to see YouTube make the changes after being criticized, and actively streamline the process is a massive win for users.

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Considering how standalone YouTube is to the traditional Google platforms like Gmail, Google Search, Docs, and more, this is a great move to streamline channel changes and alterations.

To be able to change your channel name on mobile, you can click on Your Channel, select Edit Name, and tap on Save. Changing the profile icon is the same, just Tap Your Channel, then choose Profile Icon.

To change your channel name on your desktop, you can click on Creator Studio, select Customization, and tap on Basic Info.

From here you can make all the changes that you need. The option should now be live on both mobile and desktop if you need to make channel name alterations, as per CNET.

With that said, if you have a verified YouTube channel, any changes you make to your name will result in the removal of your verification. You will also need to reapply to get the checkmark badge back on your YouTube channel. 

Tools for YouTube Channel Creators

YouTube has numerous tools that users need to make use of especially if you are into creating contents for your channel, according to Affliate Insider. If you wish to edit your content, you can use Moovly.

Moovly is an online editor that can be used to create video content efficiently. Moovly has easy-to-use animations and transitions.

This will allow you to create very engaging and flexible content that can be used across a variety of videos on your YouTube channel. You can also add music and other things in the video editor.

Another one is Lapse It, a tool that is available on both Android and iOS phones. Lapse It lets you capture time-lapse videos. It is also a great option to choose if you wish to include these types of effects in the content for your YouTube channel, and they have both a free and paid version.

And lastly, YouTube channel owners can use Social Blade. This tool is not for creating content, but for managing it. Social Blade can help boost your marketing strategy, which is very important for content creators.

Social Blade can show you subscribers, video views, and your estimated earnings on any channel, you can compare up to three different channels at the same time. This tool can also offer insights into other social media channels as well.

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