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A recent Windows 10 update has been under the spotlight for causing serious issues for some PC gamers, but  Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and the fix is rolled out.

Windows 10 Gaming Hampered By Bug

The issue included stuttering and frame rate drops in games. It also caused outright crashes. All of these issues were linked to the KB5001330 update, and the previous KB5000842 preview update, with even an Nvidia forum admin coming forward to recommend that people should try removing these updates to cure the bug.

It was not clear how many people were affected by the bug, but Microsoft reckons that issues were not widespread. Even so, any Windows 10 users suffering at the hands of these glitches were frustrated.

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In a Windows 10 status update, Microsoft acknowledged this bug as a known issue and noted that some users have reported lower game performance in full screen or borderless windowed mode when using multiple monitors.

Also, Microsoft clarified that it was a small subset of users that experienced worse performance in games following the KB5001330 patch being applied, and that most users affected were using two or more monitors.

The problem was marked as resolved on Apr. 23 as Microsoft has deployed a server-side fix, according to Tech Radar.

In other words, this is not an update that is delivered to Windows 10 PCs as such, and you won't see a patch to apply under Windows Update.

Rather, the code in KB5001330 causing these issues will be remotely disabled. This process will happen automatically, or you can try to force the code disabling measure by checking for updates in Windows Update, and then restarting you computer.

The frame rate bug and issues cropped up from the two recent security updates to Windows 10. Specifically, they stem from two updates with the Knowledge Base numbers KB5001330 and KB5001337.

Reddit users have complained that there are multitude of issues that are affected these updates. KB5001330 seemed to be copping the most flack, but it seems that users with VSync enabled have seen performance hits.

It is important to note that Nvidia has previously pointed at KB5000842, which Microsoft pushed to users on Mar. 29, is also having some problems.

Computers capable of getting 180 frames per second in "Overwatch" were seeing performance drops to 40-45 fps when VSync was turned on. The target was 60 fps, which should be easily achievable.

Rolling Out

Microsoft stated that users must take note that it might take up to 24 hours for the resolution to propagate automatically to consumer devices and non-managed business devices.

Restarting the device might help the resolution apply to the device faster and better. Those that were able to get the rolled out resolution said that the Windows 10 in their PCs is now working properly. 

Users can also check if the bug has been fixed by loading their games and to see if there are no more stuttering issues and frame drop issues.

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