PS5 restock insider Matt Swider has another announcement for your favorite console. This week, select stores like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy will replenish PS5 stocks so you could soon grab one.

On Sunday, Apr. 25, no restock has been recorded, but as we advance for this week, we could see a gradual change later. Let's find out what stores should you look for and when could they restock PS5 supplies.

Last PS5 Restocks That You Should Know

Next PS5 Restock Likely to Happen this Week: Look for Best Buy, Walmart, Target and MORE
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PS5 restocks are becoming rare and users wish that they could happen oftentimes. However, in the case of the scalpers, such supplies could only last for a short period so you need to be quick in purchasing this next-gen gaming console.

Here are the stores and their last PS5 restock dates and times.

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PS5 Restock Inside Has Something to Tell You

Reputable PS5 restock reporter Matt Swider pointed out that if you are looking for the best place to purchase PS5, wait for his announcement this week.

It is truly tough to seek a highly dependable store for your PS5 needs, but Swider speculated that Target will be dropping restocks sooner. The exact date that Swider mentioned is on Wednesday, Apr. 27, or Thursday, Apr. 28.

Moreover, you should watch out for these specific dates in the early morning. Most probably, these stores will reveal further details of their PS5 restocks on Monday night of Apr. 26.

On the other hand, Swider believes that Walmart will be restocking PS5 supplies on Thursday, Apr. 28. Just be mindful of the time and you should check it out at 3 pm EDT, according to a report by Tech Radar.

Meanwhile, BestBuy's last restock was still dated last month. At the moment, we are nearly finished in April so we could see some replenishment for the store soon. Most likely, it will release PS5 restocks on Friday, Apr. 30.

At any time this week, we could witness some significant PS5 restocks on GameStop. Most importantly, for those who are looking for a complete package or a PS5 bundle, we could luckily spot them this time around.

In Antonline, we could expect another PS5 restock this week since we are seeing restocks every single week. For those who are eyeing Sony Direct, we could also potentially see another PS5 restock but it is not yet final since they do not weekly drop the restocks.

Sam's Club and Costco could also launch another wave of supplies of the next-gen console. However, these stores rarely release restocks every few weeks but we should still wait if there is a surprise that will happen.

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