PS5 Tracker Leaks Best Buy PS5 Restock Rumor Coming Soon
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) PS5 Tracker Leaks Best Buy PS5 Restock Rumor Coming Soon

It's pretty rare for PS5 trackers to note possible PS5 restock online.

Ever since the PlayStation 5 previously launched back in November of 2020, gamers have been struggling to get their hands on Sony's latest console. The same hardships are also shared by those trying to purchase Microsoft's Xbox Series X restock online.

PS5 Restock Online

While the struggle has already been hard with almost everyone clawing their way just to get the console, things are getting even harder with scalpers in the picture. Scalpers have been buying every shred of available PS5 stock online and selling them at higher prices, making it harder for the average gamer to secure a console.

Scalpers have been reportedly buying up the console online and selling them for twice the price, and sometimes even more.

With the situation getting worse, gamers are now trying to beat the bots by following PS5 trackers online.


PS5 Tracker PlayStation 5 Stock Rumors

These PS5 trackers work by providing notifications to gamers as to when a new PS5 restock is available online. It is important that even before receiving notifications, the gamers have their accounts logged in and fully verified on different online retailers most possibly selling the PS5 stock online.

Once gamers receive notification, it is important that they move fast and put in their orders before others get the chance to do so.

It also helps if these PS5 trackers provide information beforehand as to when new PS5 available stock will hit the different online retailers.

Best Buy PS5 Restock

Currently, there are rumors that a  Best Buy PS5 restock is going to be available some time today and that PS Direct might also drop some units.

The rumor also said that gamers should have their notifications on and that no drop is 100% confirmed, so gamers should still take this information with a little grain of salt.

The rumor was leaked online by the Twitter account PS5 Drop ( PS5/Xbox Drops), which already has a record of providing decent updates regarding the availability of the PS5 stock online. Despite the PS5 tracker's record, it is still important to entertain the possibility that there could be no Best Buy or PS Direct PS5 restock.

Still, for those gamers dying to purchase the new PS5 online stock, checking Best Buy for available PS5 stock online might not be so bad.

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PS5 Scalpers

Despite scalping being something that has long existed, scalpers aren't happy with their current image as per an article by TechRadar. Scalpers reportedly use bots to purchase these PS5 stocks online making it extremely hard and almost impossible for regular buyers to make a purchase.

Since bots can automatically put in an order, gamers are left to manually place in their orders whenever the new PS5 restock goes live. However, with the help of trackers, the chances for gamers increase since they can move as soon as they receive notification that a new PS5 restock online is available.

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