Nubia Red Magic 6: Pros, Cons, and Why You Should Get it? [REVIEW]
(Photo : Gizmodo (@Gizmodo) from Twitter)

Nubia Red Magic 6 is one of the most recent gaming phones on the market. With the new age of robust devices, one can infer that the arrival of high-tech handhelds is overrated, yet there's more to know about it.

Apart from all the phones that we usually see, we will now focus on Red Magic 6 for a short review. Let's find out its features that you should check and even some of its downsides that you should note.

Nubia Red Magic 6 Has a Ridiculous Screen

Nubia Red Magic 6: Pros, Cons, and Why You Should Get it? [REVIEW]
(Photo : Gizmodo (@Gizmodo) from Twitter)

Its trademark for this moment is its 165-hertz display. Its smooth screen will take you to heaven and madness at the same time. Compared to the iPhones which usually have a 60-hertz display, Nubia's newest gaming device will take you to far expectations you do not anticipate appearing.

This kind of screen is a god-tier and it is better if it will allow the common game titles to support it further. Most importantly, where can you find such a phone with an impressive facade?

With that being said, you can give a comparison to Galaxy S21 Ultra's 120 hertz and 144 hertz. You can do the same with the Nubia Red Magic 6 and the RAG iPhone 5.

When it comes to touch rate, it has a 360-multitouch rate and a 500-hertz single touch rate. This means that this extends support to 10-bit colors.

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Moreover, you can only experience the next-level play through its soft on-screen presses for your easy controls.

You can also look for a red button on its side which CNET describes as a switch for silent mode, but that's not the case. It will lead you to a game space where you can start the new journey that awaits you.

Nubia Red Magic 6 Price

You can never go wrong with its much cheaper price of $599 when compared to other gaming phones. In the case of Lenovo Legion Pro 2 Pro which has a massive price tag of $1,185 and ASUS ROG which is priced at $950, Nubia's flagship gaming phone is out of this world in value.

Nubia Red Magic 6 Pros (in Gaming)

Here are some important things which make this phone an outstanding creation. Be sure to check all of them here.

  • Decent game space

  • Smoother finger slide control

  • Lower frame rate switching

  • Gaming control adjustments

  • Gameplay records

  • 4G vibration mode

  • Adjustable built-in fan so you can open more tabs and apps simultaneously

  • You can add more fans for an improved airflow

  • Snapdragon 888 processor

  • It never gets hotter even for long hours of playing

  • 12 GB RAM (Standard) and 16 GB RAM (Pro)

  • Headphone Jack support (5G, WIFI 6, Android-11 compatible)

Nubia Red Magic 6 Cons

While this monster gaming phone is truly a grand product for gamers, it has some downsides which you can see upon testing it.

  • Its rear cameras (3), 64 MP ultra-wide camera, and bokeh camera (2) are all impressive. You need to go to Pro mode to use its ultra-wide camera button in photo mode.

  • Heavy phone

  • Does not have an IP rating for water and dust resistance

  • Lacks wireless charging

Will You Buy Nubia Red Magic 6 For Gaming?

Price-wise, beast performance, heavy hardware, and godly screen are some of the best qualities of the Red Magic 6. It has indeed forgotten to add wireless charging but Nubia could upgrade it in the next model.

While this phone has good camera specs, taking a selfie could be challenging since it is heavy. You might use tools that can help you ease your photography like a tripod, monopod, and other equipment.

For its ultra-wide camera, a software update might be the key to solve the issue. Next time, Nubia could also add an IP rating to know if it could withstand pressure, water, and other factors that could affect it.

On top of all the pros and cons of Nubia Red Magic 6, we could say that this is one of the next-gen gaming phones at the moment. Since it is cheaper, we recommend you take a shot at trying it.

If you are into gaming alone, you cannot say no to its features. It will not let you down, but we believe that Nubia Red Magic 6 has still a lot to improve. Overall, our rating for this phone is 9 out of 10. 

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