If you own the latest Sony PlayStation 5 right now, you must be one of the happiest gamers in the world. Fown the line, you're likely to get a lot more for your system because apparently, the PS5 is a developer-favorite console.

WCCFTech reports that the Game Developers Conference recently asked roughly 3000 developers what is their favorite platform to make games on. When the answers came, the top one was no surprise: PC, with 58 percent of the answers. The second placer, however, was the current-gen Sony PlayStation 5. And this is something interesting, considering Sony PlayStation's history with a lot of game devs in the past.

Rounding up the poll answers, the Nintendo Switch is at third place with 38 percent, Xbox Series X/S is at 30 percent, and VR headsets are at 27 percent. And what's the least favorite platform to develop games on? Google Stadia, with a measly 6% of the pie.

So why is the PS5 a developer-friendly system such a big deal? Let's explore this question. 

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An On-Again, Off-Again Relationship

Game developers and Sony PlayStation platforms haven't had an easy relationship in the past. And this goes back to the best-selling console of all time, the PlayStation 2.

Upon its release, the PS2 didn't exactly have a great lineup of games. People got 29 titles at launch, but they were most anticipating the release of Final Fantasy VII. The problem was, FFVII was nowhere near the PS2 when it launched. Fans only got dull, awkward titles they never loved, like Eternal Ring from then-future Souls developer FromSoftware, and the RPG Evergrace, among others, as reported by PCMAG Asia.

The main issue was the adjustment period developers needed to get acclimated with a new console's hardware and software. Not to mention, they had to learn their way around developing for the PS2 while racing against an immovable launch date set by Sony. As a result, developers struggled mightily trying to make games for a system they didn't know what to do with.

This was also the same exact problem with the PS3. When it was released in 2006, the console was extremely notorious for being a pain in the neck to develop games. It was mainly because of the PS3's Cell Processor, which was insanely advanced for its time (actually, even today). Developers just didn't know how to maximize the hardware on the console, and as such was the cause for half of the game studios during its life cycle going under, as reported on Escapist Magazine.

Change Came, And It Was Good

It wasn't only until the switch to x86 architecture on the last-gen PlayStation 4 that developers started loving Sony again. In software terms, x86 is basically common PC architecture, which led to consistent success for the PS3's successor. As a result, the Sony PlayStation 4 was the fastest console to 100 million unit sales, an achievement it unlocked (pun intended) back in 2019.

Now, it's the PS5's turn. Also, based on x86 and virtually emulating a high-end gaming computer in terms of hardware, the Sony PlayStation 5 is likely going to see a lot more high-quality games for its entire life cycle. As the second-easiest console to make games for (much more so than the competing Series X and S), it also has serious horsepower under the hood for developers to play around with. They love the console so much, in fact, that they say it has the best architecture in console history, as reported by TweakTown.

The resulting games will feature amazing technology never-seen-before in the video game space, and it's only just the beginning of true next-generation gaming.

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