SpaceX's legal problems are not yet finished, as Elon Musk's company is still dealing with the tragic accident that happened last June 2020 in Texas.

This time, the family has filed a lawsuit amounting to $20 million. The Hawthorne-based space transportation services firm will have to negotiate with the involved family members.

The terrible car crash has resulted in one death of a family member while the other four members have reportedly suffered from injuries from the spine and legs.

Testimony of the Venegas Family About SpaceX Crash

SpaceX is Facing $20-Million Lawsuit After Car Crash Last June: 'This Was No Accident'
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By 4 AM when the tide had come in, the Venegas family was at a momentary escape. At the time, they were down the road, specifically a highway consisting of two lanes when an unexpected accident changed their lives forever.

In an unfortunate series of events, the family got into a crash with an 18-wheeler delivery truck. They said that the huge automobile has blocked the path which resulted in a tragic collision with the bigger vehicle.

According to a report by San Antonio Express-News, what's inside the lawsuit has tackled the expansion of SpaceX in a once-peaceful village around Boca Chica. Previously, there are no infrastructures built around the area such as two-lane or multi-lane highways.

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For instance, such a location serves a small community in Texas, but families living there are not expecting that a large space facility will be erected in the area. 

Furthermore, what the family members have submitted is a negligence lawsuit in particular. It was filed last March in the federal court.

From the legal complaint, it is stated that there is an absence of any reflective signage around the area. Additionally, there is no lighting, stop lights, stop signs, cones, warning markers, safety systems, and even security personnel who could have roamed the area to maintain the safety of the place.

As for this part, the Venegas family said that they "could not see the truck at all."

SpaceX Denies the Allegations on the Car Crash

According to a recent report by Futurism, SpaceX has rejected the allegations from the affected family. Furthermore, the company pointed out that it is the Venegas family who is faulty regarding the accident since they are the ones who "crashed" into the SpaceX truck.

In the company's defense, the improvement when it comes to public infrastructure does not depend on them.

Indeed, what took place is a tough case for both parties, but it is noteworthy to jot down that the narrow road that SpaceX uses has been causing several road closures and unnecessary traffic jams.

In the legal filing, Anthony Buzbee, the lawyer of the Venegas family said that the incident was "no accident." He added that the death could have been prevented from happening if SpaceX had considered a systematic approach when it comes to enhancing public road safety on their deliveries.

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