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Front Seat May Be Safer Than Back Seat, IIHS Study Says

An IIHS report underscores the difference in safety standards between front seats and back seats of vehicles. Passengers are considered relatively safer when sitting in front of cars because of airbags systems and higher quality seat belts.

Public Health April 27, 2019

Woman Develops 'Black Hairy Tongue' After Car Crash: What Caused It?

A 55-year-old woman developed black hairy tongue after getting into a car crash. Even if it looks alarming, the condition is not as scary as it seems.

Medicine September 7, 2018

Flying Car Test Goes Wrong; Car Crashes Shortly After Take-Off

A test for the SkyRunner flying car went wrong after it crashed into a building just moments after take-off. No one died during the crash.

Viral February 15, 2018

Man In A Coma For 15 Years Shows Signs Of Consciousness After Vagus Nerve Stimulation

A 35-year-old man was able to regain some consciousness after researchers in France implanted in him a device that stimulated his vagus nerve. He showed increased signs of brain activity and was able to follow basic commands.

Neuroscience September 26, 2017

Study Finds Link Between Legalized Marijuana, Increased Car Crash Rates

More cases of driving under the influence of drugs have been reported in states where recreational marijuana is legalized, a new study revealed. These states include Oregon, Colorado, and Washington.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 22, 2017

Medication May Slash Risk Of Car Crashes Among Drivers With ADHD

Car accidents occurred at drastically lower rates among drivers with ADHD taking their prescribed medications than those who aren't, a new study has found. Learn more about this potential benefit of taking ADHD medications religiously, especially for safe driving.

Medicine May 11, 2017

Uber Car Crash In Arizona: Self-Driving Car Safety Questioned Again Amid Other Uber Scandals

A self-driving car from Uber's fleet was involved in a crash in Tempe, Arizona, and ended up flipped onto its side. The autonomous vehicle was not at fault, but the accident still sparks a new round of questions regarding the safety of self-driving cars.

Car Tech March 26, 2017

Tesla Sued After Model X Crashes Into Living Room But Tesla Points To Possible Driver Error

Tesla Model X owner Ji Chang Son has sued Tesla Motors Inc. after his electric SUV suddenly accelerated and crashed into his living room, he claims. But Tesla asserts its cars 'do not accelerate without the driver instructing it to do so.'

Business Tech January 1, 2017

This Woman Who Crashed Her Car Because Of A Spider Is All Of Us

A woman driving in Portland, Oregon got into a car crash, totaling her vehicle when she noticed a spider hanging from her rearview mirror.

Viral September 23, 2016

Tesla Autopilot Safety Concerns Reignite: 'Self-Driving' Tech Blamed In New Model S Car Crash In China

A Tesla Model S car crash in Beijing, China puts the company's autopilot system in the spotlight again. The car owner blames the crash on autopilot, arguing that Tesla sales staff strongly promoted the technology as 'self-driving' and not assisted driving.

Car Tech August 11, 2016

US Has Highest Death Rate For Car Crashes In The World

The United States has the highest car crash-related death rates in the world. Why are more Americans dying in roadway accidents and what can be done about it?

Healthy Living/Wellness July 7, 2016

Fatal Tesla Car Crash Investigation Continues: Autopilot Woes, DVD Player Distractions And More

A Tesla Model S driver lost his life in a car crash that seems to have happened after the autopilot feature failed. An investigation is in place, but it seems that a DVD player played a part in the tragedy.

Car Tech July 2, 2016

'Clinically Decapitated' Boy Survives Crash, Thanks To Good Samaritan

A 4-year-old boy from Nevada who was internally decapitated in a car crash is now on his way to making a full recovery. His family is thankful to the police officer and his wife who helped him following the accident.

Life & Style June 6, 2016

Ex-Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon Dies In Car Crash A Day After Price-Fixing Indictment

Former Chesapeake Energy Chief Executive Aubrey McClendon was killed in a car crash on a remote two-lane road in Oklahoma City on Wednesday morning, one day after he was charged by the Justice Department for conspiring to rig oil and natural gas in Oklahoma. McClendon was 56.

Business March 3, 2016

Alarming AAA Statistics Explain Why So Many Americans Are Involved In Car Crashes

A study shows that about 87 percent of drivers engage in at least one risky behavior while driving. Risky behaviors include distracted driving, speeding, driving while feeling drowsy and red-light running.

Society February 27, 2016

Guns, Cars And Drugs Explain Why Americans Die Younger Than Europeans

The life expectancy in the U.S. is lower than that of other developed countries. New study reveals this could largely be attributed to three things: guns, cars and drugs.

Life February 10, 2016

Bioengineers Develop ‘Psychic Robot’ That Can Predict Actions: Here’s How It can Save Your Life

Bioengineers developed a psychic robot using a mathematical algorithm that can predict a person's intentions regardless if the action is disturbed. The technology can potentially save lives when used with AI systems.

October 12, 2015

Psy Car Crash: 'Gangnam Style' Singer Unharmed But Rolls Royce Trashed

Korean singer Psy crashes his Rolls Royce but is unharmed, according to reports.

Movies/TV Shows July 20, 2015

Derek Shepherd of 'Grey's Anatomy' Dies - Here's How Twitterverse Reacted

Real or fictional, it’s never easy to accept the loss of someone you care about. When Derek Shepherd was killed off in ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ fans took to Twitter to react.

Movies/TV Shows April 26, 2015

Disney World Lamborghini Car Accident Injures Driver And Causes Passenger's Death

A participant of Walt Disney World's Richard Petty Driving Experience died in a violent car crash while another suffered minor injuries in Orlando, Florida Sunday night.

Society April 14, 2015

Miracle! Mom Gives Birth While In Coma And Then Wakes Up

Sharista Giles awakened from a coma to see her son for the first time. She was five months pregnant when a car crash sent her into a coma.

Internet Culture April 13, 2015

Lynyrd Skynyrd Original Drummer Robert Burns Jr. Passes Away Due To Car Crash

Robert Burns Jr., original drummer and founding member of the rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd, died in a car crash near Cartersville, Georgia. Details surrounding the crash are being investigated by the authorities.

Society April 6, 2015

Blame Smartphones, Friends For Teen Driver Car Crashes: Study

A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety revealed that distractions were the prevailing factor in almost six out of 10 moderate to severe crashes involving teen drivers. Some of these distractions include grooming, mobile phone use and talking with other passengers.

FUTURE TECH March 25, 2015

Miracle Rescue Of Toddler Caught on Police Body Camera

Just under two minutes, the footage shows the rescue of "Baby Lily" from the river car crash that killed her mother and left the toddler in critical condition.

Society March 15, 2015

Baby Girl Found Alive In Upside-Down Vehicle In Freezing Utah River

A Utah man saves the life of a baby girl trapped inside an upside-down vehicle in the freezing Utah River. The vehicle struck a cement barrier on the bridge and hurtled into the river.

Internet Culture March 9, 2015

Watch 92-Year-Old Driver Smash Into 9 Vehicles At Piggly Wiggly Parking Lot [Video]

A 92-year old driver lost control of his vehicle at the Piggly Wiggly parking lot and crashed into 9 vehicles. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

Internet Culture February 18, 2015

Miracle! Oregon Man Survives Being Pinned Between Two Semis in 26-Vehicle Pileup

A man survived a massive pile-up in Oregon, literally within inches of his life.

Internet Culture January 19, 2015

Illinois Man Goes Under the Knife to Remove Thunderbird Turn Signal in Arm for 51 Years

Arthur Lampitt underwent surgery on Wednesday to remove a metal lever in his left arm that was lodged in there more than half a century ago.

Internet Culture January 2, 2015

Find My iPhone app not just for finding phones, it can help save lives

As precious hours slipped by and OnStar failed to find a woman injured in a car crash, Apple's Find My iPhone pointed rescuers to her exact location at the bottom of a 300-foot-deep ravine. Her wireless carrier could only direct rescuers to within a seven-mile parameter.

Apps/Software October 15, 2014

Hackers may have hit Google in its sweet spot, car crash photo dominates image search

Google Images may have been hit by hackers on Aug. 26. The result saw many users' searches return with only images of a Russian car crash.

Internet August 27, 2014

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