The odds of having identical triplets without fertility treatment are so rare; the chances are only about one in a million. However, one family in Montana turned out to be one in a million when they welcomed a set of three babies late last year.

Jase and Jody Kinsey had their new bundles of joy in early December, but unlike other couples who had a baby, or twin, they had Ian, Cade and Milo, who are spontaneous triplets, which means that their mother conceived them without fertility drugs, an incredibly rare occurrence.

Identical triplets occur very rarely because it entails a single fertilized egg to split once but although it is not every day or even every month that hospitals see identical triplets being born, Jody did not have complication and her pregnancy went smoothly, says Tiffany Draayer, a nurse at Billings Clinic where the babies were born.

Just like the norm for triplets born in the U.S., the Kinsey babies were born at 32 weeks and are all in good condition.

"The Kinsey family won the baby lottery with their beautiful spontaneous identical triplet boys!! The odds are one in a million," Billings Clinic said in a statement.

Only a month after their birth, the triplets, each weighing more than five pounds, are healthy. The oldest of the set, Cade, is already out of the Neonatal Intensive Care and his two sibling are not far behind. The family could be headed home by next week once the babies no longer require tube-feeding.

"All three of them did really well, and they just have to work on eating," Draayer said. "Once they can all eat, and don't have to be tube-fed for their feedings for a few days, then they get to go home."

Although the Kinsey couple was surprised when they found out that they were having triplets last summer, they said that they somehow expected that they will eventually have multiples because the father of Jase is a twin.

The couple, who also has a 6-year-old son named Jax, said that they have already thought about what it will be like when the triplets get older. The couple said that the children would likely have plenty of fun because they would be close to each other.

There were also other triplets who were born last year. Allison and Wes Rhoa, from Philadelphia, welcomed Ava, Avery and Alissa in February. April and Brad Dooley, a couple from South California gave birth to Patrick, Owen and Liam in January.

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