Former President Donald J. Trump has recently launched the promised social media platform for all people who were banned or removed from Facebook or Twitter, and it turned out to be a WordPress blog site. Trump is now a blogger, but still faces the ruthless ban from the top social media platforms of the United States and the world, as he was de-platformed.

While there are massive disputes in court to create a governing council or division within the United States government to control social media, the current moderation still gives these companies every right and power to deplatform anyone. Currently, Facebook is on the verge of straightening out the different disputes it faces, including an antitrust hearing for its case.

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Donald Trump's Social Media is a WordPress Blog

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Content moderation is still of massive importance to social media, and it brings discipline to everyone who uses the platform.

Former President Trump was removed and banned from Facebook and Twitter for his alleged misinformation during his time on the platform, which was later addressed after his term as President of the United States. However, that is not a problem for the businessman, as Trump promised that a social media platform is coming for all banned posters like him.

Several months after the statements and claims, Trump is back with a platform to speak his mind via the WordPress blog. This is the site called "From The Desk of Donald J. Trump." The "social media" platform, a.k.a. blog, is said to have features like popular social networking sites like Twitter, which has a like button (which does not work as of this writing).

Facebook, Twitter vs. Trump's WordPress Blog

While nothing is wrong for people to create a WordPress Blog, especially for the de-platformed Former President, the different features it boasts of are in direct competition against the massive platforms. Facebook and Twitter have been developed for years by different IT staff and experts, doing hours of coding to provide its different features.

However, in Trump's social media blog, these features are non-existent, but it does, however, resemble a Twitter timeline from the positioning of the posts and scrolling. The different supporters of this blog can sign-up for newsletter alerts via email and phone numbers (like following on social media), and share the content to Facebook.


Can Trump's Blog be Considered a Social Media?

While blog sites are mostly considered a social network, it is safe to say that this is not a full-pledged social media, as Trump has promised several months ago. Blogs have been around to be the vessel for people's thoughts and feelings, but it lacks the interaction and other elements for it to be called a "social media."

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